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Hopi Prophecy Now

Hopi Prophecy Now – Where are we?
The buried Star Seeds are Awakening

Hopi Prophecy Now – Where are we? The Hopi are known for having incredible prophecies and accuracy throughout time and their ability to see what was coming far into the future. In this video I go over the Hopi Prophecy about the world and the times we are in now. Not all Native American tribes were peaceful or spiritually grounded, but the Hopi definitely were, as were most of the Native Tribes. Those tribes that took their spiritual mission seriously have preserved the messages from Great Spirit for those of us NOW in this time period to listen to, remember and take seriously.

We all have Spirit Guides, and one of mine is a Native American Chief named Red Mountain. I do not know what tribe he was from specifically but probably either Cheyenne or Arapaho who were in the plains of Colorado near Boulder, below the Rockies where the Mountains light up in a Red/Copper color when the Sun hits them. I was thrilled the first time I saw this because I knew in my soul that I was being shown an area that was a Spiritual Center for my soul and was connected to my Guide; Red Mountain. There is a legend in that area about the Native Chief who was present when the Colonists came and overtook the lands. His name was Chief Niwot and he placed a curse on the land when the Settlers took it over and ran the Natives out. The curse he placed was that those who came there to settle would be drawn in by the beauty of the area but trapped there and unable to leave and this would lead to their destruction.

When I was drawn to Colorado I ended up almost exactly in the area where Chief Niwot and his (Arapaho) people had lived, today there is a town by the same name located there. Of course the Arapaho were nomadic so they occupied the whole region not just one town. The name Niwot means Left-Handed – so he is not the soul who is my Spirit Guide, but I did have some encounters with him when I was there. This does tie into the Hopi Prophecy now in several ways. Beyond the normal (for me) events where Spirit Animals would show up on my path to show me guidance or give me messages, such as the time in Colorado when a Kestral of Hawks (at least 100 – 200 hundred of them!) encircled the area above me, I had a traumatic event that caused me to interact with Niwot on the Spiritual plane.

What happened was that I had been introduced to a man and his adult son by a friend and had been spending time with all of them. At a certain point this man exhibited some extreme mental illness in my direction and came at me in a very erratic way, threatening to kill himself in front of me and my Son (who was about 7 at the time). I immediately left and took my son with me and went to a suicide prevention facility in the area. They were actually very concerned about me, and helped to calm my nervous system from the drama I had just experienced. They also sent someone to help him and his son. But while I was dealing with my own shock from the trauma I had an out of body experience which led me to ‘remote view’ back to the time when Chief Niwot placed the curse on the area. I could see and feel his anger and I worked from the higher energetic plane to clear and release this cloud of negative energy, at least from myself and my Son (who happens to be left-handed). I succeeded in doing this and eventually came back to my body and got more grounded within myself and back to my life.

This is nowhere near the first time I have experienced something like this. I have traveled all my life, since I was a very small girl and have seen and felt various things in various places I have been; battles, trapped spirits and more. I have a lot of Frog totem energy, so I have often acted as a sponge to clear the negative energies out of certain places. When I was in my early 20’s I learned some techniques for clearing the energy off of spaces and myself which has been really helpful to me, since big portion of my life Dharma has had to do with helping to clear these negative energies out of spaces and sometimes people too.

The point of this story for you is to know that our Spiritual and Physical lives are interconnected, even when we do not see how. The Hopi Prophecy now serves to remind us to reconnect with this spiritual side and to BALANCE it with our physical. Often we get stuck in some area of life because the blockage is spiritual and the clearing needs to take place on the energetic and spiritual level. We are at that point in the Hopi Prophecy now where each of us must choose to go more into the Technological world, or reconnect with the spiritual through our interaction with the physical world.

One simple technique for clearing Negative energy off of yourself is to take a Hot Bath with 1 cup of Epsom salts and 20 drops of essential oil like Lavendar, Sage or Lemon (or a combo of these).

Connecting our energetic/spiritual selves through the dense layers of physical reality is the HARDEST thing to do. This is the true and deep evolution work of our souls. The darkness around us today is serving to awaken the deeply buried LIGHT within each of us. If you are here, if you have found your way to this page then you are a Star Seed. You are here to take your light into the darkness and by so doing illuminate those dark places and evolve them to the higher levels. The process for this is different for each of you. But Star Seeds are literally that: SEEDS of STARLIGHT that have been planted in the darkness in order to shine and grow. We do not grow or fulfill our mission when we fall into the darkness and forget about our inner light. We grow and overcome the darkness by SHINING!

You are the solution you are looking for! Never forget that.

Here is the Video I did on the Hopi Prophecy now, remember this is actually a message of HOPE for a better future.

Here is my Video on the HOPI PROPHECY now

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