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You are all replaying the game on the world stage at this time. And yes, this is the END game, which means things are intensifying and becoming more and more filled with crisis. These things are effecting all beings in your dimension. And each of you will find experiences, people and crisis that face you along this path. The main key we wish of you to understand is that staying in connection to your HEART chakra and allowing it to lead you will always bring success and get you through any crisis or rough time safely.

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Lunar Eclipse – VIP call – A FINANCIAL Eclipse -REPLAY

The Eclipse on Oct 28 is a Financial Eclipse, just in time for All Hallow’s Eve or Samhain as the Cabal calls it in their ritual. I have previously pointed out that we are under some Astrology influences that feel like Haloween comes early, and I will dive into some of this and the philosophical aspects of what exactly this might mean in relation to the battles in Israel and a coming WW3.

PRO Call Q&A

Hi Members – I apologize that you were not able to post your questions on the call yesterday. I want to get your questions answered so you can post the questions in the comments below and I will answer them for you here. Please try and post them today so I can get them all…

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World Crisis Events PRO CALL – REPLAY

This is truly what has been discussed so often as the 3D/5D split. I will go over what this really is, my take on it and how we REALLY need to be prepared. Do NOT listen to anyone who tells you that love and higher vibrational energy is not important to these coming changes! This is ALL that it is about! I will give you some of my tools for getting grounded and centered in an increasingly insane world. In this way you can be prepared for what is REALLY going on and understand WHY.

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