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Q: How to manage your account 

A: MANAGE ACCOUNT Under “My Account” (Top navigation) –>

  1. “Subscriptions” (Left Navigation) –>

  1. “View” (Blue Button)  


Q: How do I find all the content? 

A: Click Updates and Resources, on the right side is a navigation to every category of the blog. Here is a short video showing you around the site:  Site Orientation

Q: Why can’t I see my PAID MEMBER content?

A: There could be a number of reasons for this, but normally it is a browser cache issue.

1)Try logging out, clearing your BROWSER CACHE and logging back in again. 

2) Try to login with another BROWSER or another DEVICE

3) LOGOUT, RESET your PASSWORD using the LOST PASSWORD function on the login page. Then try logging back in again. If 1-3 do not work then

4) Ask us to check that your account is active as it should be, please include:

a) your ACCOUNT EMAIL address and also your 

b) PAYMENT EMAIL ADDRESS. We use multiple systems and this allows us to find your information. 

c) Please include your PAYMENT METHOD (PayPal, Credit Card or Crypto) and your PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD RECEIPT or your COINPAYMENTS TX ID so that we can confirm that payment has been made. 

DO NOT INCLUDE A RECEIPT FROM US – this does not help us find your transaction.

Q: I made a coin trade through your link but I haven’t gotten my crypto, can you help me?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you directly because when you made the trade you did it through a different company, but their contact details are on the page where you made your transaction. 

We do know that it has happened before where the coins just got stuck for a while or delayed on the network – this is something that can and does happen in crypto. It is especially common with the smaller Altcoins, but it can really happen with any coin. Coinswitch has always been great at tracking the coins down and helping to resolve the delay when possible. This is why we partnered with them. We do not know of anyone who has ever lost their coins this way. We suggest you give them the following information to help solve the problem more quickly:

1) Internal Order ID

2) Sending address of the coin you sent to trade

3) Receiving address for the coin you traded for

4) Transaction hash for the coin you sent to trade. 

Q: How do I Upgrade or Downgrade my Account?

A: Inside the My Account area, click on Memberships, click view billing, clock upgrade or downgrade, you will be taken through the checkout process. 

See screenshots.

Q: How do I make sure my Membership will Auto-Renew? 

A: This is an automatic setting in your account, but if for some reason your account is not set to auto-renew, then: To enable Auto-Renew: In your member area, click Subscription. Then click the autopay button so that it is on, then the system will walk you through adding a payment method. Then you won’t have to worry about paying manually each month. (See image below).

Q: How can I earn a little Crypto on the SIDE? 

A: New opportunities are always coming up, but here’s a cool one that I’ve been using, it’s a Browser Extension that lets you earn a small amount of BTC back on things you buy or food delivery. Just click this LINK and sign up, then go to the STORES section to see where you can earn BTC – there are literally hundreds of places. For example, look up POSTMATES and click on it. Then you can order food and in a few days you’ll get a little BTC back. I think that at current BTC prices this could nearly pay for your meal in about a year from now. 🙂 And men can receive 27% back in BTC on a new Harry’s shaving subscription, that’s like being beardless for free lol.

You can take courses on Udemy, buy a Groupon, get something for your Pet, book Travel, buy Clothes or Flowers and get BTC back. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Q: How do I ask a question about the current market? 

A: In the Paid Members area, please post these questions under on the MARKET UPDATE on the Blog so that everyone can benefit from the answers. We also have a Webinar every month for ALL MEMBERS and one for PRO and another for VIP members as well. Anyone on the live call can ask questions at the end. The best place for general questions about the current week is under the most recent MARKET UPDATE POST.

PRO MEMBERS can ask questions about the coming MONTH under the MONTHLY TIMING REPORT POST.

VIP MEMBERS have a dedicated email address where they can send questions. Please limit this to one question a week. This email address can be found on a Download in your VIP members area. It is also posted on the VIP MEMBERS ZOOM call page. 

Q: How do I buy crypto? 

A: I don’t like doing it through an Exchange like CoinBase (I think they are the worst actually).The fastest and easiest way is to go to Caleb and Brown: https://www.calebandbrown.com/ Tell them I sent you and you will get discounted fees of 3.5% instead of 5%. C&B are in Australia and like ever other crypto company they are required to comply with tax laws. But they aren’t actively working with the Fed and the CIA like many of the other exchanges are doing, They are highly respected, well established in crypto since 2016 (old by crypto standards) and I make my own purchases through them. 2016 is also when I got into crypto. No I wasn’t the first, but I was early by any standard. Believe me, just overcoming the technical hurdles for getting in back then was enough to scare nearly anybody, especially a person like me who did not have any kind of ‘tech’ background. 

BUY DIRECT – there are a couple of Phone Wallet apps what will let you buy cryptos with your Credit Card. I think this is OK in a pinch for amounts under $1,000. Just be aware that you will probably wind up having to pay taxes on this later. The apps that I know work are BRD and the Bitcoin.com wallet. The fees can be high, so be careful.

BTC ATM – look on Google to see if there is one near you. Some of these work with the BRD wallet, but the ATM will allow you to buy with CASH and also you can buy without any KYC. They still get your phone number though – so the only way you can be anonymous is if you use a Prepaid phone. They take your phone number to complete the transaction. 

EXCHANGES – if you absolutely must use an exchange here is the best strategy for ALL of them; when you transfer money there to make a purchase DO NOT BUY CRYPTO, instead buy a STABLE COIN like TUSD, USDC, PAX, DAI or USDT. Then send those stable coins to your private wallet, and THEN trade them into the coins you want. The best wallet for this is the EXODUS DESKTOP WALLET. But I don’t recommend you keep many coins there, for reasons listed later on. 

The reason for doing it this way is to avoid the big Tax issues later. ALL exchanges are tracking you and most of them are working FOR the Fed. When you buy crypto on exchanges you are triggering a tax event on yourself, especially if you buy a significant amount. But if you buy a stable coin there is NO TAX EVENT. They must have a record of you buying it to tax you. This is much better for you if you can avoid it.

Q: What Crypto Wallet is safe? 

A: The answer to this question changes often as new wallets are released to the market. However the one thing that will always be true is that a physical copy of your wallet seed phrase that you store in a VERY SAFE PLACE will always be the safest way to protect your assets. These are called COLD STORAGE There are literally hundreds of YouTube video showing you how to do this. 

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