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I have been an Astrologer since I was 9 years old. That’s when I started learning Astrology from my step-mother. It has been a life-long study.

Through my work with Astrology I have immersed myself in all the different schools of Astrology to pull out what really works. I eventually found my niche which I call 4D Astrology. It is called it 4D because I look at more than just the flat charts most are familiar with (2D). Also used are DECLINATIONS and HELIOCENTRIC CHARTS and their LATITUDES (Declinations for the Sun). This literally means I am looking at 4 times as many aspects as other forms of Astrology.

In my 5D Astrology I am looking at all the planets placements by elevation as well as constellation and also with the Sun at the center instead of the Earth (as in standard charts). I don’t miss anything this way. This has made my forecasting far more accurate. After all, how can you be accurate when you are missing 75% of the information? This other 75% is just plain NOT available anywhere online. It can only be seen with special software – and the ability to understand it.

This is how I was predicting a financial meltdown years before the 2008 crisis. I got fired from one of my writing gigs for that though – some people just don’t know good information when it stares them in the face! I did have a client who got out of the housing market just before the collapse.

My work has been featured on shows like “Chelsea Lateley,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and “The TV Guide Network.” I have also been published or quoted in The LA Times, In Touch Magazine, The Yogi Times Magazine, Z!nk Magazine, OK! Magazine, and FindBliss among others.

I was born under a Sun-Mercury Eclipse which means I am driven to communicate about 4 times as intensely as most people! Fortunately I am an introvert so I don’t drive everyone around me insane. I just channel it into my variety of skills. I throw myself into things when so inspired, like; writing, health, food and cooking, knitting and sewing, yoga and meditation, gardening, Bitcoin and crytpocurrencies. As for Bitcoin, this is something that I am entirely sure will change the world as we know it. I first heard about it back in 2010. I became involved myself in 2016 long before other psychics or remote viewers were making predictions. You can see some of my early videos about it here:

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Common Questions about Astrology

How does Mercury Retrograde effect me if I have a Retrograde Mercury in my own (Natal) Chart?

When you have Mercury Retro in your own chart the Mercury Retrograde period is better for you and you are able to think more clearly than usual – during the time when the rest of the world is mostly confused and unable to think clearly or be direct or honest. Information and straightening info out becomes your asset during this time and most people find that they need help with that from you.

I’ve heard about Vedic Astrology. Can that help me?

Vedic Astrology is entirely different and very hard to understand especially if you are not Indian and have not grown up knowing about all those Indian gods, etc. Western Astrology is based on the Greek Myths which are much easier for us to understand since that is the ‘pond’ we grew up in and we recognize those archetypes. It takes more work to understand the foreign ones. It can be helpful, but challenging. What I really like about Vedic and Indian philosophy in general is that it is more focused on remedies and healing. But for this I would suggest that Ayerveda is a MUCH better and more direct solution. One of my best friends from HIgh School became a practitioner and I can put you in touch with her if that is what you want.

Why do Vedic Astrologers say I am a different Sign?

The shift of signs is all about something called the precession of the equinox and takes into account the movement of the constellations in relation to our solar system (from our point of view) over the centuries. It might be useful – kind of. My take on it is that our interpretations of the planetary impacts on our lives evolves much more quickly than the stars move so it’s not really an advantage.  

How can I understand more about Astrology and my own Chart?

You can get your chart done for free here: www.Astro.com
They have TONS of free learning resources there and it will give you the basic understanding of your Astrological Blueprint. This is really helpful for getting to ‘know thyself’ as was written over the temple of the Oracle at Delphi. Knowing you is key to fulfilling your mission on earth and living your Best Life. A reading with me will touch on some of this, but also I REALLY focus on how to strategize and use time to your advantage and increase your purpose and BEST life success in this life.

To learn more about Astrology; basically, I suggest you find people that you resonate with. Unfortunately I don’t have time to give the full run-down on every detail of what I do and I don’t know a ton of Astrologers that I consider very good, but I would recommend you look up AstrologyKing at his website because his Western Astrology articles are very thorough, insightful and deep. Also, Astrology for your Soul on YouTube is another good one, he’s just plain entertaining. Just know that none of these people are actually seeing all the aspects the way that I do because none of them use the other sets of charts I use. They focus more on the Astrological ‘stories’ which are useful for your mind to grab a hold of for understanding. What I do is focused more on practical results and I am not so focused on the ‘stories’ because they distract me from the real benefits and results I can give you and the rest of my clients.

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