90 Min Astrology Reading

I am a natural clairvoyant and psychic channel and have been practicing Astrology since I was 9 years old (several decades!). I learned this ancient skill from my Step-Mother who had a deep understanding of it. My work has been featured on TV and in magazines. Just a few of these are “Entertainment Tonight,” “TV Guide Network,” “The Chelsea Lately Show” and In Touch and OK Magazines.

My track record includes:

  • Working with thousands of clients in finding life purpose and divine timing for business, marriage and success.
    Predicting the 2008 Housing crisis.
    Entering the cryptocurrency market as an investor in 2016, long before any other psychic even spoke about it.
    Predicting – in print – the 4th consecutive win for the Lakers in the LA Times.
    Interviewing prominent figures such as Ex Senator Cynthia McKinney, Roger Ver and Tim McGraw

A private 90 min Astrology Reading.

This is a very special type of Astrology that looks at 4 times as much information as other Astrologers do. I use an expensive Astrology program for this and it allows me to give you laser specific information about yourself, your relationships and the best timing for your plans, goals and dreams. Please be aware that normal Astrology readings simply cannot see about 75% of the aspects that effect you and therefore cannot be as specific with timing as I can be.

A reading with me will generate very specific timeframes for great success and also the times you must absolutely avoid important commitments, contracts, new relationships or business alliances. I am also a veteran in the world of Crypto and can give you actionable timeframes for your goals and plans.

This reading will give you the absolute deepest detail about any relationship in family, romantic or business. I am also clairvoyant and therefore able to bring insight into the past life challenges and belief system patterns that are influencing current situations, as well as offer insights and tools for healing and removing blockages.

And finally, this reading will show me talents and gifts that are part of your soul mission in this life that are simply not seen in other types of Astrology readings. I can not only see the houses and patterns made between the planets in standard charts (the kind you can get on any Astrology site like Astro.com), but I also see the magical pyramids and destiny patterns and alignments that your chart has.

These alignments are in the Heliocentric charts and the Declinations. And they are every bit as important as the normal aspects you can read about on other Astrology sites, but more hidden and also more important to your soul’s development and destiny. This includes the things that will make you most whole and satisfied in life.

Typically, I break the time spent in the reading down as follows:
30 min going over your chart, and your given talents, abilities and challenges (including current ones)
30 min on a relationship or significant focus for the reading IE: money timing, business planning
30 min on questions and to clarify anything previously discussed.

Scheduling availability is limited, so book now to get the earliest available appointment.

Pay in Crytpo for 20% off, just use code: Crypto20 during checkout

Once you have paid Trisha will contact you to set up your reading. If you have any questions please contact Trisha at: trishansandiego@gmail.com





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