AstroCartography Reading
An expert look at where you should live to achieve your goals and dreams.




For this reading you will first send me a list of:

  1. Your #1 top life priority so that I can help you find the best place where you can achieve this
  2. The preferred regions of the world that you have already considered
  3. Any other information you feel I should have when helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

There is a huge variety of possible results from a session like this one. While I would LOVE to be able to find you a location where you can have the money, respect, love, family, travel and career success all wrapped up in one neat little package – I cannot know if this is ALL possible for you from any ONE location until I actually look into the charts. For this reason I ask for your #1 top priority at this time in your life. This way I can help you achieve this #1 priority, and then after that is done, I can help you again if you need to find a new location for your next life goals. This is not necessarily a ONE and DONE type of reading. But it could be. I just don’t know until I look into your charts. But even if it isn’t a one and done situation, I will still have other strategies for you to help achieve more than just the #1 top priority on your list. I believe we all deserve to achieve ALL of our dreams – in EVERY area of life.  Finding the best place to live is a very good start in achieving this!

**Please be aware that it may take a week or two to get you onto my reading schedule.