Bitcoin Predictions – Crypto, World Events – August Timing Report

The video below has your August Bitcoin Predictions. Also be sure to make a note of the Good and bad dates for August below. August has a LOT of very bad dates so you need to pay extra close attention to this when making plans this month. AUGUST GOOD DATES: 1st, 16th and 20th BEST DATES:…

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new coin channeling

Hadera Hashgraph HBAR

Hadera Hashgraph HBAR – The purpose of this channeled message is to gain new insight into the cryptocurrency HBAR (Hadera Hashgraph) and what its future is likely to be. My intention with this channelled message is not to repeat anything that has been said by others in the past, but to gain a new perspective on this crypto, its purpose, opportunities and challenges. I am also looking for insight into timeframes for HBAR for the purpose of investment, buying and selling this currency. 

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3 Crypto Trades – VIP – STARTING SOON

3 Crypto Trades – this is the main focus of the call, but there are also important things coming in world events that I need to update you on. The messages from these past few months have all just come together and created a much clearer picture for me of what is coming next. Don’t be distracted, and make no mistake about it, the plan IS to distract you with all kinds of things that will get you looking in the wrong direction when these ultimate traps are set. 

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