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Legal Loopholes: What’s the Law Got do Do with It? REPLAY AVAILABLE

We live in a system of laws and Legal loopholes. It’s all about what you can get away with and knowing how to work the system to your own personal benefit. Those in power have used the legal system to tie the public up in knots, take away freedoms and generally enslave all of humanity. So, when they are using the sword of injustice against us, we need to understand it and figure out how to turn it around on them. This is what is going on now, both in Crypto and in the rest of the financial world. This call will go inot what is really going on  with the legal ties that bind, and how to find the legal loopholes that allow us to wriggle free.

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Bitcoin and World Predictions

SEC vs Binance – VIP weekly Call – Replay FIXED

SEC vs Binance – Why has the SEC gone after Binance? Why now? A deep dive into what the SEC plans to do and WHY. We will also go over what I see in the current crypto market, the coin order from months ago that just went through on Caleb & Brown and what it means for the overall market.

SEC vs Binance

We are gearing up to see a LOT happening in the coming weeks and I will give you a heads up on ALL of it. This includes:

* The SEC vs Binance and CZ lawsuit and what it means/why it’s happening – what it means for BNB coin…
* BTC price charts and most likely timing
* Altcoins and what is happening to that market sector – and what’s NEXT!
* The Altcoin that just signaled a major market change – this hit my target from MONTHS ago.

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