Death of Fiat Channeling

THE DEATH OF FIAT channeling

These official organizations are all activating the elements of FEAR of TRUST in the public during the events of war and financial chaos as well as the death of fiat in order to invoke the feeling that this digital system must be moved over to for safety and that it is the right thing to do in order to help and protect those who are less privileged. The privilege card will be played to a huge degree. Of course, you need to be aware that it is the EXACT people who claim to care about the underprivileged who made good and sure that slave labor has alway been available to them in 3rd world countries. Be aware also that NONE of the promised fairness will materialize. These are some of the coming lies and manipulations that will be used.

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Binance and Blackrock GAMES – PRO Call REPLAY and Q&A REPLAY

Crypto control games are nothing new and have been part of the space since the very beginning. This does not mean that crypto is not a huge shift in the world of finance, but it DOES mean we have to keep an eye on every game and shady tactic some smart coder can think up. This has become apparent to us all since the events of 2022 when we watched Terra Luna implode, and then the death of FTX. All of this is related and this is what I want to discuss.

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World Events Channeling

Channeling from July 2022

Channeled Message for July (Please note: I had to republish this post because the original post from July 2022 has DISAPPEARED FROM MY BLOG!! This also happened to my Etherium Classic channeling on Patreon and was the reason why I left Patreon in the first place.  So, as you can see there is someone out…

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