Trading Crypto 101 – Money Management and Spiritual investment principles that work to grow your Crypto, Altcoins and Bitcoin BTC holdings. How to hold, trade and manage your Bitcoin, BTC and Altcoin holdings to minmize risk and make the most of profit opportunities.

The Cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and coins like BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DGB, Dash, XTZ, ADA and others make very fast and dramatic moves both to the upside AND to the downside. What you will learn here is how to protect your investment with a solid strategy for CAPTURING PROFITS on the massive crypto spikes and also BUYING IN on the DEEPEST market lows.

Trading Crypto 101 will teach you solid spiritual principles for managing your assets and helping them to grow safely over time. BTC and all of crypto is an incredibly volatile marketplace. Basic trading and Trading Crypto 101 will give you the necessary strategy for surviving and thriving in a sea of chaos and misinformation.

The forecasts and predictions offered here have been consistently correct and consistently FAR ahead of others in thee market. There are no traders, financial gurus, psychics, remote viewers, or Astrologers anywhere who can rival our record of accurate predictions for both world and financial moves. And all of this is for a fraction of the cost of what the financial ‘guru’s’ charge.

Accurate predictions made by Aura Wright include:

+ ALL of the 2019 peaks in BTC by price and date range.
+ The 2020 BTC low by price and date range.
+ The March DJI crash including the DROP LEVEL and date range
+ The 2008 Housing market Crash, including the Mortgage melt down the            previous summer of 2007
+ A virus outbreak predicted in 2017
+ Riots in 2020
+ Release of Documents proving sexual abuses by heads of state
+ The TEZOS breakout – with correct market entry timing
+ Timing for entering the SILVER market at it’s VERY BOTTOM OF $14

Join us now and pave the road to your own success.

Trading the RSI

In the Video below I explain how to use the technical tool RSI – Relative […] To access this post, you must purchase Crypto Pro Membership, Crypto VIP Membership or…

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Crypto! News Leaks! Chaos StartsChaos Starts, News Leaks!
Crypto! News Leaks! Chaos Starts

Crypto! News Leaks! Chaos Starts
Chaos Starts, News Leaks!

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We are entering the storm big time. We have a lot goin on right now with Crypto. Coin Market Cap was down. No one could use it. This is only the beginning of these kind of bottle necks of problems and issues in crypto. Find out about the aspects taking place this week. Discover this weeks crypto forecast for Bitcoin and Altcoins.

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Chaos Starts, News Leaks!

Crypto Exchange PROBLEMS – Prepare for SUCCESS!! NOW!
Crypto Exchange Problems

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Challenges and issues in cryptocurrency trading: beyond the controversies Security. The biggest problem currently in the crypto market is the lack of security. ...Transparency. ...Credibility. ...Trading fees. ...Liquidity. ...Price manipulation. ...Transaction Delays. ...Regulation. Crypto Exchange PROBLEMS A cryptocurrency…

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Crypto Exchange Problems

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