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Financial Fireworks – Weekly Crypto Update
financial fireworks

So, I pretty much said it all in the video below about the BTC new yearly high and the Gold new all time high. The ATH on Gold is the beginning of a currency war, and BTC is also center stage for this currency war. This is why we are in for a lot of financial fireworks in the coming months. A breakout on REAL solid assets like precious metals and Bitcoin is the result of a failing financial system. Of course, this is not all going to happen overnight.

Here’s this week’s video: Cryptic Communication

Gold and Silver The Gold vs Fiat war is ON in full swing and causing financial fireworks because of the big Gold move to new All Time Highs on Sunday. Make no mistake, this is a WORLDWIDE battle. One one side are the forces keeping Silver and Gold prices repressed, these are the usual suspects: JP Morgan and major European banks primarily. These are well established facts. On the other side of the fight is all the BRICS nations and the rest of humanity – us real people who want real money. The rush up in Gold on Sunday was because of what is going on overseas with countries going AROUND the US Dollar system.

Today Gold and Silver are not moving at all. I feel like there is a behind the scenes battle and they simply disconnected the price discovery in order to have this fight offline. The riggers are not done rigging and repressing the metals prices. There will still be a LOT of volatility – meaning that much lower prices are still coming. But yes, these metals will make the moon rocket shots we are expecting, there will just be several chapters in the story between where we are now and, say, $5,000 Gold. For me it is best to just be patient and buy more Gold and Silver when we get a price slam down again.

GOLD SILVER RATIO – I have been telling you for months that we would see over 100 to 1 on the Gold Silver ratio. We are heading in that direction now because Silver dropped a lot faster than Gold today and the ratio is up to 86 to 1. As I’ve said before, once we cross that 90 to 1 threshold I will trade my own Gold in for Silver and get over 90 oz of Silver for that 1 oz of Gold. I am not going to be greedy and wait for 100-1 even though I do expect it to happen. It’s also possible that as I am heading over to the coin shop at the 90 – 1 ratio it can continue to drop and I can catch it closer to 100. Either way I will be very happy with the exchange.

People who expect to always hit the tops and bottoms of every price swing always wind up getting themselves slaughtered. It’s a good idea to remember the age old trading wisdom: Bulls make money, Bears make money but Pigs get slaughtered. This means that those who have a strategy to make money on the way UP profit. those who have a strategy to make money on the way DOWN also profit but those who are looking for the MOST EXTREME edges of both directions wind up losing big.

BTC – This week will be volatile and bring even MORE financial fireworks. We need to get some kind of a pullback/drop before we go any higher than where we are now. This pullback can take quite a while – maybe even months. I do not know exactly how long it will take but given the Astrology for December on BTC, it is much more likely than not that we will get much higher prices before the end of December. I expect if we shoot through current resistance line #3 on the chart below then we will immediately go up to $47k.

ALTS – My strategy now is to buy at least ETH on the pullback that I expect to start around the 6th. I have mentioned other Alts in the member calls over the past few weeks and these would also be the ones I would watch for a good buy in level – these will be the ones having big financial fireworks as we move into the next BTC wave peak. Obviously XRP, THETA and TFUEL are always good to buy on a market pullback. Also XPRT is at some very deep lows and still a complete bargain. These are all long-term hold coins and I cannot be sure they will be the biggest movers on this next market peak, but you can’t go wrong with any of them! I DO expect that we are going to see a LOT more spikes on the Alts, some of them will be making 100%+ moves. These next lows will give us a buy-in opportunity on your favorite Alt.

BTC Chart: The BTC price has gone up just a little bit even since I recorded the video above. But you can see that we are staying under resistance level #3 that VIP’s have seen for over a month. The spike above Resistance #3 is only a wick the candles are still below it. The first two levels were taken out quickly but still exist as pullback levels or resistance on the way up again after a pullback.

Is it possible for us to push through and shoot up to the next level now? Yes, but we only have about 24-36 hours to do so, AND we do not currently have the strength and momentum to push through on the charts. So I don’t actually expect it to happen NOW. Starting as early as the 6th I expect we WILL get a drop. Any of the lower blue resistance lines on the chart could be targets for the drop – but the drop can also be pretty fast. I expect the pullback/drop will be finished by the 10th, but the 8th -10th will be confusing and it may be hard to tell which way the market is going. So be prepared for confusing mixed information.

The second chart below shows the volume profile on the left side which confirms Resistance #3 as a ‘put on the brakes’ zone for the BTC price.

financial fireworks