Eclipse Light Chakra Energy of the The Total Solar Eclipse
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Eclipse Light Chakra Energy of the The Total Solar Eclipse

The Eclipse light Chakra energy of this Total Solar Eclipse is very powerful and disruptive. I discuss it on my YouTube channel at length. But for this article I want to dig in deeper to the ideas of the actual properties of light, what it is and how it manifests, and also how we can actually USE IT through meditation for our own benefit.

Just a warning before I dig into the Eclipse light Chakra ideas in this article – This is some high level sh*t. I’m not kidding. The scientist guy I link to down here is just amazing. He also happens to be hilarious, so it’s a great video. But this is some smart stuff. It’s also exactly the same stuff that the Buddhists have been saying – like – forever man.


I’m going to tie it in about the chakras and light and stuff. But don’t worry if it goes over your head, sit back, relax and meditate for some time and it might make some more sense to you. Let the ideas come in whole packages, not like linear prerecorded answering machine messages.

Besides, what’s the point of sense, cents, scents?
Sentience, that is the point my friend. This is not an intellectual function. Some of the most sentient people I’ve ever known were animals. And they can’t even add.

Light is not what you have been taught it is. We are all (w)onnnnnnne! (Take me h(ome) Here is some real video of a previous Total Solar Eclipse and the weird effect it had on the shadows of trees. Can you explain this? What is going on here? Why? It is super weird and yet somehow it stirs some ancient memory in me, like I’ve seen this before. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I know there is something significant to it, especially related to the Eclipse generating the power of magnetism (lots of the old mystics like Mme Blavatski talked about Magnetism). Somehow I know we can use it, harness it, focus it to create – well magic (of a scientific nature of course).

A thousand tiny Eclipses (WTF!? – WHY?!!!)


Tesla was like – super cool

…and so is the Theraphi 20,000 volt table I laid down on for 20 minutes at the Anarchapulco conference . This amazing table took away all my aches and pains from traveling for two days and made me literally hum with joy and light. It is all based on Teslas use of DC current. I am totally addicted and seriously want one of these. Tesla knew a thing or two about light, at least in my own highly subjective experience. But what is science anyway? I think it is a religion.

Einstein was an idiot

– according to science guy below. This is because light could not possibly be a particle and a wave, nor could it ever go anywhere (as stated by Nicola Tesla). “Excuse me while I empty all the photons out of my camera.” This is exactly the thing I could never understand about wave particle theory – where do all those damn photons go after they bounce off of something? Surely they would build up in corners and cracks, we would have big piles of them, just hanging around in places like discarded, forgotten, rotting garbage at the dump. But no, I have never met a photon hill or pile or whatever, have you?

Science guy and math and stuff

A glossary of terms from science guy:

Longitudinal – along the long ways of things. Like stretched out instead of made wide.

Atomism – the belief that everything exists in the smallest most separated minuscule little mini boxes imaginable. Nothing is connected, everything is just a bunch of random hopeless happenstance. Why bother? Let’s all just kill ourselves now. It’s clearly hopeless. (aka; how the education system teaches us to think).

The opposite of Atomism is wholism, where all is connected (we are all (w)one!)

So clearly I agree with science guy, but I see it in a more whole, light spectrum, chakra vibe kind of woo-woo reality. All these things: gravity, sound, light – they are all spectrums along the same scale of vibrations that make their way across the Ethers (No, I’m not referring to the cryptocurrency – although it is curious how many of these have highly esoteric names). So, as I see it: all of these vibrations: light, gravity, etc. each resonate along the spectrum of the Ether in harmony with one of the Chakras and planets. Ultimately granting us access to higher states of consciousness. We get there by using this eclipse light chakra energy, which is, in fact, all that is.

Law of Attraction in action Baby! But only if we know we are whole and consciously tune in to the eclipse light chakra energy.

He talks about how light sits on the spectrum of waves at the exact Golden Ratio (also called the Golden Mean). This is actually the mathematical formula that humans see as beauty. Also lots of math games here; “the first 7 prime numbers add up to the number 666 and Pi = 3.1 4 9 25 49 121 169 289… and the continued progression of prime numbers squared. <–the “Key of David”**

**I can’t take credit for this last thought, I lifted it from Termi Nation on Sanguine Bean’s Eclipse light video. I think he was making the argument that we are all trapped in an evil experiment (let’s all give up now, it’s hopeless!), but I’m not sure. Anyway, I disagree.**

Torus is a verb

One that is so dope it could get you high (without drugs!). If we are all one, if all things are energy frequencies and we can tune into them by becoming w(one) with them (Take me (H)ome! Then, therefore, it must be true that in order to have and be more of love then all we have to do is tune to that thing through our own human energy generator. A generator shaped like a doughnut, an electromagnetic field located in and around the human heart. Specifically designed to tune into (eclipse) light chakra energy! I also believe that light is electro-magnetic.

Ok, breathe in some good ass prana baaby. (I just had to reference Frank from Infinite Waters) Check out his video on how to breathe, breathing activates the chakras:


I wonder if all those leaves were just showing us their torrodial energy fields as lit up by the changed frequency of the light from the Eclipse? And if it can do that for those little leaves, imagine what it could do for YOU.

Meditation on the Eclipse Light Chakras

Let’s try all tuning into our heart energy and increasing the power of the eclipse light chakra energy as much as we possibly can – daily – starting now. Let’s pick a good time, say 11:11 daily either AM or PM to create this focused intent, wherever you are. If we focus on the numbers of the time then we carry the vibration forward through the number frequency and then the lie that we call time doesn’t matter and ceases to exist.

Divine Guidance

Oh, by the way, the message I just got from my guides about it is that we will all be more intensely clairvoyant than usual from this light and that we can ‘see’ things in a new, heightened and intensified way. We might even re-cognize a few new colors (that our souls already know) that aren’t on any color wheel (the rainbow is actually 3 dimensional – or more!). Let’s DO this! And get yourself more connected to your own guides.

Use conscious focused intent to clear out old cobwebs from the dark recesses of your mind. Release old belief systems that are dead and useless. Write them out on paper if you need to and burn them.

Maybe we can see if we could pull together a nice sized crowd of people to all do this Meditation at once at the exact time of the Eclipse on July 2. Let’s open the gateway for the Golden Silver Ray to radiate on Earth, as the Eclipse joins the two alchemical metals of consciousness into one blending of the conscious (Gold) with the unconscious (Silver) for infinite possibility, with an intense focus on healing.

I think we will all need and want this energy of love to carry and spread across the planet. Now more than ever, this is so important.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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