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Silver Prediction and Purchasing Strategy

Silver Prediction: I was recently asked by a client of mine about how and where to purchase silver and I realized that this is good information for a lot of people. Here is my reply, along with part of my prediction for silver. There is a part 2 of this post that is scheduled to post in my Patreon on Sept 30th. It contains both my short and long term silver predictions and gold predictions in dollars.

My silver prediction and gold prediction is that if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. I recommend owning physical silver, mostly rounds. 1 oz silver eagles or buffalo’s are easy to recognize and verify. I also recommend owning some ‘junk’ silver; 90% silver in old silver quarters and dimes. Pre 1963 they were made with actual silver. I have a few interesting collector coins that I just liked for various reasons, but not too many of them.
My top resource for silver is and even though they do offer a storage option, I recommend keeping your own silver. has tons of great info. Once you buy from them you become a VIP and get insider reports as well as being kept in the loop on Mike Maloney’s strategy for selling. His info has been fantastic. He also makes some silver predictions on his site. He sent an alert when the Silver – Gold ratio was 90 to 1 (90 oz of silver for 1 oz of Gold). This is a staggering ratio.

Silver Prediction:

Silver should be valued at about 17 to 1 with Gold based on relative supply. So this was a great time to buy and I did buy a little then (about 6 weeks ago). almost immediately silver made a big move against gold and went to 80 – 1 with gold. It is holding that ratio despite the pullback on both metals. That is a 10% gain in gold value just by purchasing silver. This is on top of the gain in dollar value obtained by putting money into silver instead of $$. This is a gain I expect to hold and also to increase. Silver is eventually going to go 1-1 with Gold, at least briefly. Right now and maybe for another month or so silver and gold are in a pullback, so it’s a good time to buy. and are other silver vendors I recommend. These sites offer a different range of coins and some interesting limited edition coins. Finally: if you have an IRA that you can self direct into metals ITM trading is a good resource. Watch their videos on YouTube – for a great education on what is happening in the financial system.
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  1. Sanaz Ft

    Hi Aura,
    Hope you are fine.
    Robert Kiyosaki and Chris Powell did a YouTube video named “the secret manipulation of gold”
    I think you will like it.

  2. Julie Gutierrez-Muegge


    Thank you for this information. I was wondering how much junk silver do you think we should have? I appreciate all of your help.

    1. Aura

      I don’t know your goals but historically an average single family home has cost about 300 oz of silver.

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