Golden Path Meditation Set
4 meditation files from 15 min to 50 min long


Third Chakra Full Golden Path Meditation File

Universal Support Meditation File

The Golden Bridge Meditation File

Animal Instinct Meditation File


The Golden Path Meditation Set

The Golden Path is your path of Highest Destiny and purpose. Walking your own Golden Path brings a deep connection to yourself and a sense of meaning, joy and purpose.

Listen to a short Sample:


This professionally recorded meditation is not going to take you on a logical journey to try and understand what that purpose is – because this is NOT a logical journey! The Golden Path Meditation has 3 segments. These put you in touch with YOU and your own personal power, sense of security and ability to tap into your Higher Self, as well as personal real-life power at any time.

Science has told us that it takes 21 days to change a habit. And also we cannot change a habit by trying to stop doing something. This is why diets usually don’t work, and it is especially true of thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve us. Also, these thoughts can be extremely hard to find, since they are usually unconscious and therefore driving us with anxiety or other feelings of lack or limitation. To make it worse we usually aren’t even aware of where these thoughts came from.

The only way to effectively change a habit is to remove or change the belief systems and thoughts that are creating that habit. We do this by REPLACING them with something far better; thoughts and beliefs that ultimately serve you, your life and your greater sense of joy in life. But this can be very hard to do when we don’t know what those thoughts are, where they are or where they came from (usually early childhood decisions we made about our life and experiences).

Fortunately all the great spiritual masters and all of the oldest cultures on Earth have already discovered the most powerful tool on Earth to help us solve these inner subconscious conflicts – MEDITATION. There are many different kinds of Mediation, but Guided Meditation can be very powerful for retraining our mind towards the direction that makes us happier! This is the purpose of The Golden Path Meditation Set.

The Golden Path Meditation Set contains 4 audio files, which will be available for download immediately after payment.

The full Golden Path Meditation is 50 minutes long and it is also edited into 3 shorter segments. The full meditation takes you through all 3 segments, but you can also use them individually as you like. These Segments are:

Universal Support – Putting you in touch with the great source of nurturing, abundance and caring that is the divine spark in all of creation. This divine spark only wants to lovingly support you, and tapping into it can bring a profound sense of calm, safety and peace.

The Golden Bridge – Creating a stronger and more powerful connection between your conscious self and your Higher Self. This connection leads to a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life as well as a deeper understanding of yourself as a spiritual being. It can also help you to tap into your own intuition and increase your ability to receive and interpret spiritual messages from your Higher Self and deepen your understanding of your life purpose and sense of meaning.

Animal Instinct – Connecting to Animal power and energy that is uniquely relevant to YOU at the exact moment that you need it. I recommend you always look up the symbolism of any animal energy that comes to you, as it will have symbolic meaning for what is currently going on in your life and also offer you great power and instinctual knowledge whenever it arrives in your life or your meditation. Sometimes these animal energies are brief companions and sometimes they stay with us for a lifetime. This is for you to discover yourself.

The whole package provides a set of tools for calming the mind and soul, relieving stress and getting more in touch with what is most important in your life. Imagine freeing your mind of anything that holds you back from your own Golden Path, and replacing stress with victory! Go out and do it!