You are currently viewing Cannibal Businesses + Economic Unraveling = Housing Opportunity
Cannibal Businesses + Economic Unraveling = Housing Opportunity

Cannibal Businesses + Economic Unraveling = Housing Opportunity

What Is Market Cannibalization

Market cannibalization is a loss in sales caused by a company’s introduction of a new product that displaces one of its own older products. Market cannibalization can occur when a new product is similar to an existing product, and both share the same customer base.

The economic benefit of unraveling is to provide insurance in the absence of complete markets, but it can come at the cost of inefficient assignments.  Watch the video to find out more.

About Aura

Aura Wright has been featured on “The Chelsea Lately Show,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and others. She was also the columnist for the Yogi Times. She accurately predicted the 2008 housing crisis, as well as the 2019 peak in BTC price. Then she predicted the 2020 BTC low. Other accurate world predictions include; a discussion of a world pandemic in an article posted in 2017.

What is the main focus of our work at this unique time in history? To help people to benefit from the massive financial changes that are currently taking place in the world. One of the best ways to do this is through owning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and also with Precious Metals like Silver and Gold.

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  1. John E

    Hi Aura,
    PLease tell me if we should be buying BCH or BCH N the hard fork coin ???
    Many Thanks.

    1. Ajaycsharp

      John, First question should be which one will be real bitcoin cash.Aura is propagating bitcoin cash for long time now all wrong things are happening with this coin.i think that now it is dangerous to hold any bitcoin cash now.I request Aura to do webcast on this bitcoin cash forking drama and tragedy.

      1. Aura

        No, this is not correct. Just hold both coins and you will be fine.

    2. Aura

      You want to keep and hold your BCH for the fork. The fork will give you the same number of BCH N coins for free so you don’t need to buy them – this is what a fork is. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRADING THIS FORK. It is too dangerous and all you really want is to hold onto your BCH and BCHN coins for at least 3 months to see what happens with them.

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