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Scorpio Retrograde

Is Society Sick? Suicide and Scorpio Retrograde
Scorpio Retrograde

Scorpio Retrograde

This planet rules communication, travel, and technology. When it goes retrograde, those areas of our life become unpredictable and chaotic. That’s why this particular time period is infamous for awkward email exchanges, contracts gone wrong, travel delays, and reappearances of exes.

If you are unfamiliar with astro-terminology, Mercury in retrograde (or more correctly, Mercury retrograde) means the planet Mercury appears to stop and move backwards from its orbit.

How does retrograde affect Scorpios

With Mercury retrograde spending most of its time in your sign, Scorpio, expect to feel confused and unable to trust your judgment the way you normally would. Your intuitive nature is clouded, and you may feel a little more vulnerable and less in control of the way you present yourself and express your feelings. Watch the video to find out more.

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