ONE TIME PURCHASE: BTC Timing Report – Peaks and Valleys



ONE TIME PURCHASE: BTC Timing Report – Peaks and Valleys


Bitcoin BTC Crypto Timing Report. The good and bad Astrology days for BTC. Bitcoin dictates the moves in the Crypto market. This gives us dates to potentially buy (on dips) and strategically take profits (at peaks). These dates will be the peaks and valleys — the highs and lows of the market. These reports have shown every single BTC peak within a window of 24 hours.

Bitcoin BTC Crypto Timing Report: In combination with my Weekly Horoscopes I have been the most accurate forecaster in the Crypto market for 2019 (since I began doing this). In April I predicted a Mid-May run up. Then in May the $10,000 prediction happened. We stayed there for about a week. Then in June I predicted $13,000. I was the ONLY person in the whole marketplace who predicted $13k. The few who did make number predictions were nowhere near as close as I was. I am not saying any of this to brag, just presenting the verifiable facts. I also predicted that BTC would go under $4k in September of 2019, in March of 2020 it hit that target. Further predictions have also happened and some have not yet unfolded. The Report allows us to find the windows of time when those high and low levels can get reached.

Below is the video review I did of my previous report:

**Please note** You are purchasing a TIMING report. I am NOT guaranteeing any price levels (and I never have). Price levels are just a free bonus and when I see them I share them. It is FAR WISER to trade based on good timing than to wait for prices to arrive. Don’t wait for years and miss all the best profit taking times! There is no guarantee of the of events. Anyone who has been in the crypto market for any length of time knows that it is wildly erratic and refuses to follow what even the best traders in the world expect it to do.

The Bitcoin BTC Crypto Timing Report is NOT A PRICE SETTING STRATEGY

NOT passive PRICE SETTING STRATEGY – Do not expect be able to wait for the number to arrive and take your profits. This is a very bad idea. The problem is that when you place a trade on an exchange you must trust the exchange 100% with all of your money. ACTUAL EXPERIENCE says don’t trust exchanges – just look on Reddit or Twitter, thousands of people have already been scammed by exchanges! It will only get worse. I trust the exchanges about .002% with anything.

What The Report CAN NOT Do

  • Teach you how to trade (This is NOT a trading course)
  • Make the trades for you
  • Will NOT promise big moves every single DAY
  • Save you from scammers or fraudsters
  • Protect you from instability on the exchanges. Exchanges are not safe. I ONLY recommend trading on DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGES or coinswapping services.
  • It will NOT chain you to your computer
  • NOT a timing alert system. There are occasional important alerts, but Astrology does not change, so the information presented does not suddenly change at the last minute. Any forecast that is constantly changing is suspect. The only thing that may change on a weekly basis is THE CHART PATTERN that emerges and was not visible earlier in the month. The DATES that are good and the DATES that are bad will not change.
  • Not a recommendation for specific trades
  • It is not a psychic prediction report, — Astrology is something completely different. It is a very refined skill. It has taken over 3 decades to master, using techniques that other Astrologers have never even heard of and levels of information that are just not publicly available. Psychic predictions can be found in my Patreon mostly as written channeled information.
  • This report will NOT TEACH YOU ASTROLOGY!! Astrology and aspects are rarely mentioned. I make things as easy to understand as possible for everyone!

What Astrology CAN Do

  • Give a range of possibilities
  • Provide best and worst timing
  • Warn in advance as to when the market is most likely to be manipulated (for example price rigging, or large over the counter trading that will keep the main market from actually rising to meet the real price demand).
  • Narrow the field of possibilities
  • Predict with astonishing accuracy the dates for peak highs and lows in the market – regardless of outside manipulation.
  • Help you to make STRATEGIC investing, buying and selling decisions. I consider myself a STRATEGIC INVESTOR –  NOT a trader!!
  • This report can help you a GREAT deal if you ARE a trader.


Bitcoin BTC Crypto Timing Report – I do not have anything against traders, I actually have a great deal of respect for the good ones.Trading is a hard won and refined SKILL. Just as I wouldn’t go surfing on double overhead waves without first learning how to jump up onto the surfboard, I certainly would not send someone else out there to do it either! Quite a few people have been using my reports to make profitable trades. I am all for it if you know what you are doing, if you start slow — and always, always, always protect your capital.

Millionaire’s don’t use Astrologers – Billionaire’s do – JP Morgan

Every month there are moves in Bitcoin and the Crypto markets. If you are just waiting for numbers to arrive then you are missing many, many opportunities. Crypto is a VERY tricky market, it takes wits and nimbleness to make the most of it. TIMING is an incredible tool to help you do this.

ALTCOINS: Includes some notes on expected times for BCH breakout based on Astrology. To be clear, my recommended strategy for BCH is just to buy and hold for now. What I expect for ALTS is mentioned but not in specific ways. For deeper analysis of individual Altcoins join my Patreon where I go into deep channeled information on some of these coins and give the specifics for temporal makers on PEAK times to sell specific alt coins.

THE Bitcoin BTC Crypto Timing Report is ONLY ONE OF IT’S KIND

Bitcoin BTC Crypto Timing Report – You will not find another report like this anywhere. As far as I know there is only ONE other person who makes crypto predictions based on timing – and he charges $200 per month and is nowhere near as accurate as my reports have been. Please do not compare this information to other information you can find out there, it isn’t the same thing!

Bonus #1

DOUBLE THE REPORTS (this is the second part of the calendar section of the PDF)
This is a SECOND Astrology Timing Report for the day to day aspects that are taking place which effect EVERYBODY and the WORLD IN GENERAL. It is focused mostly on Crypto but provides valuable insight into the day to day Astrology that will have an impact on things like:

  • Dates for potential war and conflict
  • Times for potentially good moves in precious metals
  • Ranges when it is good for love, reconciliation and family matters
  • Influences on the Mass Banking systems
  • and more…

Just like the main BTC report this report will NOT have information on every single date of the month. It WILL have a segments of date ranges (usually 2-3 days at a time) that signal certain POTENTIALS and POSSIBILITIES. (A $50 value)

Bonus #2

BCH WILL OVERTAKE BTC: Part 2 of the Report PDF – The original article posted to the blockchain in early 2018. Includes paywall content discussing specific levels to trade. This is a LONG TERM strategy. These moves are not expected to start until well into 2020 at the earliest. (Priceless information if used correctly)

Bonus #2

SANE PROFIT TAKING: Part 3 – A separate spread sheet: taking profits from alt-coins and how to do so in a sane and reasonable way without excess stress or being chained to your computer day and night.  Insight into how to manage your risk in Crypto. Possibly priceless and I thank my client for generously providing this for you. ($500 value)

SPECIAL SUBSCRIPTION PRICE on the Bitcoin Crypto Timing Report

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Become a monthly subscriber and get a 30% discount. The Monthly Subscription price is $70. Please click the link to go the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE and get your DISCOUNTED RATE.

Below is the link to BUY THIS REPORT 1 TIME. Reports are now MONTHLY to improve relative accuracy. The nearest comparable service is $200 per month (and not as accurate). To purchase an individual report it is $100 Click the Buy button to purchase this report for THIS MONTH ONLY.