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Coinbase Emergency

Coinbase Emergency

Coinbase Emergency – Get your funds out ASAP

I have an inside source who has just given me the scoop on some serious issues taking place on Coinbase AT THIS MOMENT.

According to my source who has been working with people for many months helping them to get their funds into crypto using both Coinbase and Coinbase pro, she has at least a half dozen clients who right now cannot move or even find their significant fund transfers on Coinbase. Here are the a few she just described to me, and her phone is currently ringing constantly with new complaints.

  1. A client of hers moved $20,200 from Coinbase to Coinbase pro to save $400 on processing fees. The funds have completely disappeared and are not showing up in either account.
  2. On Coinbase Pro another client exchanged $33,000 USD into BTC and her Coinbase Pro balance is showing 0.00000 BTC, there has been no explanation or attempt to solve the problem.
  3. Another woman sent $27,500 to Coinbase. She was charged the transfer fees and then the funds were sent back to her bank.
  4. Another man transferred $40,000 into BTC a few days ago. He is now locked out of managing those funds. His account shows and “Account Restricted” message and he cannot trade out of his BTC. Coinbase told him the “Account Restricted status would last 5-7 days. It’s been 10 days and he can’t do anything with his BTC. He tried changing it to USD. He tried changing just $200 to LTC, he tried moving it into a stable coin – but he can’t execute any of these trades.

These examples came from ONE woman who works with people who are new to crypto getting them into the market. Imagine how many more people there are who are having similar issues.

COINBASE IS DOING THIS ON PURPOSE – This is what I am seeing here psychically. Some of these people will eventually get their funds back, but it will take a very long time (so they will be unable to make trades). And the won’t regain access to their assets without jumping through some very challenging hoops and requirements, some of which will be impossible to fulfill. This is how Coinbase will steal people’s funds. This is truly a Coinbase Emergency and I want you all to be aware and careful about keeping your funds safe during these aggressively controlling times we are in.

This is a Coinbase Emergency for many people currently using the platform. If you have been following me for a while then you know that I do not like CoinBase and have been telling people not to use them for over a year. Since that time there have bee a number of stories released about Coinibase, including one about how Coinbase has partnered with the FBI to create tracking software for use with the DEA and IRS. You can read that story HERE.

And here is the link to do an INSTANT CRYPTO EXCHANGE

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  1. Dawn

    What do you think about I do like what Roger says about BCH..

    1. Aura

      Lol, You are reading my mind ūüôā
      I literally just made a video yesterday going over some basics of crypto and in it I recommend that everyone sign up at to get emailed some basics about crypto and how it works. The video will be in the members area within the next week.

      Roger Ver is a genius and a very controversial figure. I find him to be a very mission centered person who lives from his heart, and often offends people with what he says. I first saw him in a video in 2011 and because of him I tried to buy BTC back then but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. If I had I’d be a multi millionaire today! I did an interview with him at Anarchapulco a few years ago which you can watch here:

  2. Julie Gum

    Is there any information on how to sell our coins when we want to sell them? I am on automic wallet cold storage no internet. How do I pay out? I am getting out of coinbase too but now I have to figure out how to pay myself.

    1. Aura

      You can find a lot of info on transferring and trading coins on YouTube. I don’t use or recommend the Atomic Wallet. But on all wallets you can trade or exchange in 3 wasy – 1) through an exchange like Kraken or Coinbase – and I do not like this solution. 2) Through Caleb and Brown for amounts over $2k and if you tell them I sent you they will give you a discount on fees of 3.5% vs the usual 5%. and 3) through a coinswitching service like the one I have linked on my site under the RESOURCES AND UPDATES tab.

      I am putting up a video in the next few days that shows all of this because I think it’s something everyone needs to know.

  3. Robert Parker

    Where can I buy ETN and RDD. I have accounts on Binance and Kraken but they don’t seem to have either. Thank you.

      1. Aura

        It’s at least a good short term money maker.

  4. Kisha

    I like Coinswitch and will use it. However, when it’s time to take profits. What to use and is dependable of get our funds?


    1. Aura

      There is a whole list of coinswapping services that I will post. One thing is certain – you can NOT count on the exchanges

  5. Dawn

    I started heading out on Monday, and got half out. I moved over to Kracken. But the other half was not budging! Freaked me out, then you sent this post. Actually eased me a bit and thankfully yesterday around noon, everything was moved over. I am free and clear of Coinbase!! Be careful where you send your funds and trade. Thanks again Aura!

    1. Aura

      Whew! I expect this problem to get worse in the coming weeks and months. Those who get out now are dodging a bullet.

  6. Sluzy

    I have always shouted Coinbase is bad. years

  7. Jay Samolowicz

    I can confirm that over past 2 days I did nearly the exact same thing and had major issues. I have fortunately gotten 50 percent of funds out with much headache. Will confirm here if not able to get the rest out.

    1. Aura

      I think you will get your funds. But others won’t, especially later on. Now is the time to get out.

  8. Michael Davis

    Coinbase locked my account last year and wouldn’t tell me why and they wouldn’t give me my transaction details to pay taxes on so i had to leave all my Coinbase transactions out of my taxes. It’s nice that the IRS can have my trading information but i can’t. i’m not even allowed to open a new Coinbase account. At least i was able to get most of my money out.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    First email to me
    Due to suspicious activity on your account, we have increased the holding time before you can withdraw your funds to 14 business days. This is meant to protect you against fraud by ensuring that you authorized this purchase. No action is required on your part.

    Second email to me
    > Due to suspicious activity on your account, we have increased the holding
    > time before you can withdraw your funds to 14 business days. This is meant
    > to protect you against fraud by ensuring that you authorized this purchase.
    > No action is required on your part.

    Third and final email all the while not answering any of my questions about the situation
    Thanks for your patience. Our team’s review has concluded that you will not be eligible to use Coinbase for buying, selling, depositing, or other services going forward.

    You are able to withdraw money whenever it’s convenient for you. If you have problems doing so, please let us know and we’ll gladly help.


    Coinbase Support
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    1. Aura

      Yes, this is how they try to steal people’s money through the exchanges. This is why we don’t want to use exchanges.

  9. Cody Slennett

    Hi Aura thanks for the update, do you think you could give us an update on the markets aswell and if we are still waiting for a correction because xrp and everything is still going up and we’re not sure what to do yet

    1. Dr. Andy

      Absolutely rite my friend. I guess in XRP channeling Aura mentioned rather was guided by her angels that XRP to hit around 19 USD by Dec 2020 and about 32 USD around 2021 1st Q. Yes, like she foresee that big retrenchment would again happen like that March 2020 bloodshed in crypto then we have XRP to pick up in our pockets at about 0.10 to 0.12 Cents per coin as LOWER LOWS on charts. I really hope we see that level sooner and then just await for Dec 2020 or X-MAs eve to have that next hit. I CANT IMAGINE IF THIS COME TRUE IN ALL WE GUYS FAVOR. MANY PEOPLE LIFE WOULD BE CHANGED ON THIS TOUGH TIMES of FREAKING CHINA VIRUS.

      1. Aura

        Thanks Dr. Andy. It is likely that the deep lows on ALL cryptos won’t come until Fall. Before that we have a run-up. The ONE thing that is hanging in the balance is the 3 Gorges dam and if it bursts then everything will crash.

    2. Aura

      The correction can come anytime in the next week, most likely in the next day or two. But ALTS will run up after BTC starts to come down. And yes, I am posting a detailed update for everyone.

      1. Michael Klein

        Hi Aura, I am in a bit of a conflict right now. I must have misunderstood your last Market Update, so I put 20K in Stablecoin! I thought you said things will go down end of July ūüôĀ Anyway… now the Market is taking off I wonder whether I should jump back in at a loss or wait till thinks go down again… but if I understand you correctly that won‚Äôt happen for another 2month! I could really need some advice! Thanks much Michael

  10. Ajaycsharp

    I do not have any issue with coinbase till date. I had transferred my cash 15 days back from coinbase to my account without any issue.I had received my funds within two days. Anyways coinbase is a government entity.

    1. Aura

      Just keep your money out of there, problems will increase. I’m glad you didn’t have a problem, you just got lucky. Many others have had BIG issues.

  11. Andrew Offord

    Hi Aura, thank you so much for posting this. I’ve had issues in the past with Coinbase and have stopped using them as a result.
    Thankfully now there are many much better alternatives.

    1. Demi

      Hi Andrew,

      Would you mind sharing what platforms you have found to be good and safe to trade or cash in?


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