Guided Meditations

Meditations for manifestation, success, happiness and love. Use meditation to connect to personal power and bring your energy into alignment.

Meditations designed for prosperity and overcoming fear, anxiety and stress. The technique of meditation is thousands of years old and has been scientifically proven to relieve stress, improve mood and lower blood pressure among other things.

These are guided meditations that each have a specific purpose or target a challenge or problem. Overcome anxiety, fear and negative thoughts with the power of your mind.

Science tells us that we only use 3% of our brain power and that most of it exists in the subconscious layers of experience. But through the proven practice of meditating we can learn to harness that dormant 97% of your brain power and put it to work FOR you in achieving your dreams, goals and visions.

This is why all ancient spiritual practices utilized the power of meditating. It works! Also a habit is proven to be changed by replacing it for 21 days with something else – this included thought patterns and belief systems. So any meditation practice that you start should be committed to for a 21 day cycle in order to begin to see results.

After 21 days you will find old habits of thought and behavior gradually begin to melt away. You will be astonished to notice that you just feel lighter and things in life feel easier!

Try it now! You have nothing to lose but the inner obstacles and belief systems currently standing between you and your happiness.