You are currently viewing Total Solar Eclipse (July 2nd) – Big Change is coming

Total Solar Eclipse (July 2nd) – Big Change is coming

This Total Solar Eclipse takes place right on the Sun of the USA as well as the Sun of Julian Assange. He was arrested just as we entered the umbrella of the current eclipse. What does the Eclipse mean? Find out in this video. The eclipse influence lasts from April 2-Oct 2. It is very impactful on the USA and those who live in the USA.

Total Solar Eclipse in Astrology

The Total Solar Eclipse happens when the light of the Moon blocks the Sun’s light from hitting the Earth. This creates a corona of light around the Moon. Astrologically this signals a time when the leader, ruler or public identity is overshadowed by things of the Moon. Moon issues include, the public, women, children subconscious beliefs and overwhelming emotions.

Take time to look at things from a new perspective.

Work on clearing harmful beliefs and childhood programming. Take the gift that the Stars are giving you. This is the gift of a new point of view, a new discovery and a release from the past. This is how we make the best use of the Total Solar Eclipse in our own lives. Look at my hypnotherapy sessions to learn how I can help you do this.

Also, use mediation because it is the easiest way for most people to clear the past and improve energy. You can create your own meditation by using conscious intention or find lots of good ones on YouTube. I will be releasing a free meditation to all of my subscribers, so be sure to sign up for my Newsletter.

To learn how this Eclipse impacts you personally you can schedule a private astrology reading. To pay in crypto please email me at astrologychick at gmail dot com.

Find out what the Eclipse really means, watch the video here:

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    What if you do not know the time you were born ? You seem very knowledgeable and confident saw you on Sam jam how I found you😊

    1. admin

      You can still have your chart done for Noon and it will give you a lot of information. I’ve had luck getting a birthtime for clients by using a pendulum, so it’s not really an issue that con’t be solved.

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