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Pluto Direct Big Money

PLUTO DIRECT – Bitcoin Prediction – CryptoAstrology
Pluto Direct

Pluto Direct

On Sunday, October 4, Pluto direct, the modern ruler of the intense sign of Scorpio, moves direct in the powerful earth sign of Capricorn. Responsible for transformation, change, and rebirth, Pluto seeks to completely transform the energy of the sign it’s in. Watch the video to find out more.

Pluto Direct

Tiny but powerful Pluto, the planet of truth and transformation, goes direct on October 4, 2020, after five months in retrograde. When Pluto starts moving forward, all of our deepest desires and secrets will begin to surface.

Weekly Horoscope Forecast

This week’s Horoscope focuses on the effect Pluto Direct has on us. How we can be prepared to succeed and thrive through current changes? Watch the video and become a member to find out.v

About Aura

Aura Wright has been featured on “The Chelsea Lately Show,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and others. She was also the columnist for the Yogi Times. She accurately predicted the 2008 housing crisis, as well as the 2019 peak in BTC price. Then she predicted the 2020 BTC low. Other accurate world predictions include; a discussion of a world pandemic in an article posted in 2017.

What is the main focus of our work at this unique time in history? To help people to benefit from the massive financial changes that are currently taking place in the world. One of the best ways to do this is through owning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and also with Precious Metals like Silver and Gold.

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