Weekly Horoscope Forecast May 13-19, Astrology Bitcoin Predictions

Weekly Horoscope Forecast May 13-19, Astrology Bitcoin Predictions: I have my eye on this market like a hunting Osprey. Not just because I am in it and I believe in it, but also because I am timing it. Last month is when I felt compelled (by spirit) to start tracking the timing on the crypto market. I already knew that we had come out of the bottom of the market which I saw in December. But I wasn’t ready to talk about it until now.

Since the December low, Bitcoin was down at $3,207 on Dec 15th, 2018. Similarly Bitcoin Cash was down at 76.72 on Dec 15, 2018 and as of now BTC (Bitcoin) is up at $7899 after rallying to $8,032  and BCH (Bitcoin Cash) is at $388 after having just kissed $400. What most people don’t realize from these numbers is that BCH is perhaps the best performing currency in all of crypto (excluding the random pump-and-dump outliers that nobody has ever heard of). BCH has already multiplied 5.3x this year – all during what was being called a Bear market, and the cold long crypto winter.

Everyone wants to know if this market will keep going up or if we are now crashing down to the 4th wave low that is to be expected in all charts everywhere. And if we are correcting, how low? When can there be a new opportunity to buy in? When to sell at the top of a wave (if we are high-risk tolerant players).

There are a lot of underlying beliefs and concepts in those questions that I wish to address first.

My Number 1 priority here is to make it clear to those who are invested in this space, or trying to decide about getting in, that this is a LONG HAUL. Crypto is here to stay and getting into it should be about having crypto and holding the right coins for the long term. Because, well use cases. These things are useful and they do things that will revolutionize every business model on the planet.

My Number 2 priority is to be sure that people understand that we all need to learn to tap into our own inner knowing and intuition around this marketplace because it is sooooooo unbelievably, incredibly high-stakes and confusing. There is massive deception, manipulation and misdirection at every turn. It is never a good idea to just blindly follow a guru – any guru – without being highly tuned into your own inner being. There are many lessons that people will learn in the coming months about this exact thing as crypto grows up and becomes widely acknowledged.

My Number 3 priority is to share what I know from my learning and be a guide on this path. I have been in the crypto world for a couple of years (since late 2016) and I have learned a LOT. I can also apply Astrology to what I know. But I am just human, and not perfect.

OK, having said all that, I will dive into some specifics of what I do see.

Nobody really seems to see it or to know. And all I can say is what the stars are showing me, and this is that the wave 3 upswing is not yet over. It might make a few sideways zig-zags, but it is not yet time for us to go down to wave 4. Like a sure footed mountain goat we will pause and take a breath, and then continue to go up this week.

And then of course, we must look at next week…

So here is my Horoscope forecast for this week. One of my viewers pointed out that I overlooked Gemini – and I am sorry! So here is my overview for my Gem friends this week:

Gemini: Mercury is conjuct the Sun in Taurus in your Solar 12th house which could make you more psychic than usual, give you weird dreams and help you overcome fears, phobias and bad habits – with the Moon in the 6th there is something ending in your day to day routines. Generally, looking below the surface and finding what is hidden or secret will benefit you a great deal this week and could even land you some cash, or a super hot date. Also this is a great time to go for that promotion, new job or whatever has seemed out of reach.


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  1. Dale Anderson


    You spoke of a 3 bitcoin coin cash trading strategy on Samantha Jane’s show. How can I access it, subscription or fee or how?


    Dale Anderson

    PS If you answered my question somewhere else I apologize for not finding it.

    1. admin

      Hi, sorry for the late reply Dale – the strategy is Part 2 of the crypto timing report in the store.

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