SITE FIXED – WARNING: Internet Issues

UDATE SUN AFTERNOON: Everything has been fixed and should be working fine now on my site. The Monday Market Update will be posted as usual.

++++++++++Original Message – Internet Outage Warnings+++++++++++++++

Hello to everyone, I apologize if you are having issues logging into my site. The problem is not on my site, it is a problem with my webhost (one of the biggest and most reliable webhosts on the net). They are currently working to solve these issues but I have no exact time for it to get resolved.

BE ASSURED – That on Monday for the Market Update I will make sure the Update gets to all Members and I will email it out again if I need to.

SOLAR FLARE + ELECTION INSTABILITY = WWW PROBLEMS – Please recognize that this is part of what I have been warning all of you about regarding INTERNET OUTAGES.

I expect the whole internet to be having issues because of the SOLAR FLARE web hack early last year that caused a large chunk of the backbone files on the internet to download a set of TROJAN HORSE files. This INCLUDES Government websites and all the major consumer sites on the web.

MY SITE IS CLEAN. I have had it worked on and cleared, long before there were news stories coming out about this. There are no problems here. But my host can have problems that they need to resolve. There is no way for these issues to get into my own site software, so my site is secure. But we may continue to have login problems while they work on it.

IT IS NOT JUST ME: I expect these internet problems to GET WORSE as we get closer to the 20th. Any upcoming internet issues are CONNECTED to the INAUGURATION and designed to create confusion and misinformation so that people do not have access to accurate information sources.

Please be aware and as prepared as you possibly can be! And don’t be surprised if/when many information sources and platforms suddenly disappear. This also applies to Exchanges – so it’s a very bad idea to leave money on them now!

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  1. John E

    looks like jan 20th/ No Biden president , could be a big crypto downturn for 2 months – several leading physchics

  2. Ccgirl

    Thanks Aura ūüź®ūüĆĽ‚̧ԳŹ

  3. Third Eye Focus

    Hi Aura, just to avoid confusion: it’s the SolarWinds hack, not SolarFlare.

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