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Thoughts on Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet – LINKS


I found the video below about Edgar Cayce and what he was doing when he did the thousands of readings that he did while under what I would call a ‘trance’ or hypnotic state. This is a long video from scholar Stephan A. Schwartz who has specialized in studying Cayce and is one of the creators of Remote Viewing. But I found it interesting because he is talking about HOW Cayce did what he did – which is essentially the same thing that I do when I channel or do readings. Here’s the video:

Here are a few of the main thoughts that I took from the video and wanted to share with you.

  1. Edgar Cayce was disassociating — a term used in psychology to describe this idea of ‘non-localized’ consciousness
  2. The work was very demanding on Cayce physically
  3. This scholar calls Cayce’s work ‘remote viewing’ or says that it is essentially the same thing (I am not sure that I agree but I am not trained in remote viewing and do not want to be, because, very specifically, I feel that Remote Viewing lacks the spiritual foundation to FOSTER WELL-BEING)
  4. EVENTS, TIME AND EVEN PARTICLES are the RESULT of CONSCIOUSNESS – NOT THE CAUSE OF IT!!! This is what I am saying when I explain that we are the CAUSE of our manifestations. We must BE THE CHANGE, we must literally become the level of consciousness that we wish to create. This is expressed in the story in the video about Ghandi ending the occupation of India – BY CHANGING THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PEOPLE – not through violence.
  5. Only 10% of a population needs to change in order to force the rest of the population to accommodate those changes
  6. Numbers and financial predictions were (nearly) impossible to produce by remote viewers
  7. Symbols were used instead of numbers in his research experiments for this reason
  8. People in the researchers office became so distracted with the numbers that he had to stop doing it
  9. Cayce was primarily concerned with FOSTERING WELL-BEING. This fostering of Well-Being is also my #1 primary objective. Not money. Although I know you are all here for money and I have no problem or objection to this, I just hope to consistently bring you all BACK to the idea that what we are really all here to do is to FOSTER WELL BEING AND MANIFEST A BETTER COMMUNITY FOR ALL who want it.
  10. The last major expansion of consciousness that happened in Human History was stopped by the separation of Church and Science that was enforced by the Inquisition, burning and torturing millions of ‘witches.’
  11. The FOSTERING OF WELL BEING is far, far more POWERFUL than money!
  12. In order to do this we all must LITERALLY BE THE CHANGE!
  13. The NEW FRONTIER is CONSCIOUSNESS – this is literally where the battle for self, for success, for freedom is won or lost. Or rather this is where it moves towards LOVE (The Law of ONE) or FEAR (Belial).

I wanted to share all of this with you today because time and time again I have run into reflections or comments that refer me back to the work of Edgar Cayce (because of my own work), but I have not really directly studied Cayce at all until now. My look at Cayce was brief but think it is insightful for you to understand Cayce, what he had brought forward in his day, and how it relates to where we are now in the world.

Below is another video I made for you discussing the ideas that Cayce had about the ‘Sons (and DAUGHTER’S) of Belial’ and the ‘Son’s (and DAUGHTER’S) of The Law of One.”

IT IS ALL ABOUT FOSTERING WELL-BEING!!! This is the primary concern of the SON’S (and DAUGHTER’S) OF THE LAW OF ONE. Please remember this

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  1. crypto pikachu

    None of the two video links are provided in this post. This is a very interesting topic. Please update the post by providing the relevant video links so we could watch them! Thank you for all the lovely work you do 🙂

  2. ningwong

    I read the “Sleeping Prophet” in high school, and that changed my life.

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