You are currently viewing Weekly Horoscope: New Moon of LUXURY?? April 30-May 6

Weekly Horoscope: New Moon of LUXURY?? April 30-May 6

Someone’s getting something good this month, is it you?

New Moon (May 4th) Weekly Horoscope
New Moon (May 4th) Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope: The New Moon in Taurus is a luxurious, sensual and prosperous New Beginning for those who take it to heart. This is a time to appreciate, indulge, luxuriate and just plain enjoy. Use this New Moon energy to help you manifest what you want by fully appreciating everything and expanding your senses. Here is this week’s video:

The New Moon: time for starting something. This New Moon on May 4th is in conjunction with Venus – this really ramps up the energy of beauty, sensuality and luxury for the next two weeks.

Also in this weeks Horoscope: an opposition of Mars to Jupiter and Saturn turns Retrograde along with Jupiter and Pluto. All together this adds up to a LOT of reviewing and fixing things that have cracks in their foundations.

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***There is a TOTAL Solar Eclipse on July 2nd DIRECTLY on the USA

We are already under its influence and the aftermath will last until October at leastThis particular Eclipse will be earth shaking and life-changing for those who’s charts are getting direct hits from it.

A Total Eclipse on the SUN of the USA indicates massive events that effect the whole country. And therefore everyone who lives in the USA. I will be posting a video about this later this week. SUBSCRIBE to my Newsletter and get notified when it is uploaded and also subscribe to me on YouTube, leave a like and a comment. This helps my channel and helps me keep making videos and getting this important info out there to everyone.

Because of the upcoming Eclipse NOW is a great time to get an Astrology Reading in order to prepare yourself. And to know exactly how this Eclipse will effect your chart. Subscribers get special  benefits, discounts and information.

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    Appreciate your blog and liked your You Tube video with Sam Jam. I have been researching the truth since arriiving. I see and know What the the true reality is better than most. This perspective makes me an outsider and I keep most information to myself as most people do not want to know the truth

    I researched heavily stocks than ended up with gold and silver years ago as I realized there r no logical market fundamentals working in the stock market. As the price of precious Metals’s r kept in a box and suppressed I ended buying the Bitcoin years ago

    I do hold LTC and bought it cheap so even if the bankers coin xRP ripple runs first I do not care. I love DigiByte. There r other facts of reality I know- we could have a interesting conversation.

    Appreciate your writing this blog
    All the best


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