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FTX UR Being Played
Weekly Horoscope Nov 21-27

Do you know Mark Cuban? He’s one of the big investors, a shark in the tank worth millions or billions, and he was an investor in FTX. And this story of FTX is huge and an example of how the crypto market is a big game. The story around FTX also happened to confuse and distract you from the fact that lower levels are coming in crypto. Be prepared for this and don’t be fooled!

The astrological constellation also influences all these happenings. Mars is retrograde, and nothing is as sneaky, as manipulated, as devious as Mars retrograde in Gemini. It´s bringing all kinds of frustrations up in people´s lives. We all need to be really careful to deal with our own energy, our own frustrations and release them. Because there are lots of things out there designed to spin us around and get us. And the reason behind these strategy is- frustrated people don´t make good decicions.

But let´s look at this weeks astrology. This week we have a New Moon and Jupiter is turning direct. The New Moon in Scorpio is super powerful, highly controlling all about the mutual financial situation (FTX) and also very sexual. Weird sexual stories coming out around the whole FTX growd. So this is a very intense New Moon and it is a new cycle. Don´t focus on the drama or on destruction because Taurus, the opposite sign, stands for practical, organized and stable actions. Work on keeping yourself calm and grounded.

And besides, Jupiter is going direct. He brings us opportunities, gifts and blessings. And he still touches Pisces, which means a great end of illusions and the awakening of many people. It can be very hard for people because it´s painful when we realize things. We go through those stages of grief which are denial, anger and bargaining the actual sadness and then the resolution the letting go of everything. This can be a very emotional time so keep the people you love close to you, take care of them and take care of yourselves.

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The Crypto Astrology is week,  we discuss the current Astrology Aspects that we all experience including Mercury, Venus, Mars, The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Chiron. This way we get a good overview of what we are all feeling in the coming week. This shows what kind of world events are going to take place.

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