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Crypto timing report for September

Crypto Market Update Nov 5, 2019

I post these updates regularly in my Patreon I do not usually make them public but this one has a lot of stuff that I think everyone should be aware of.

Completely in line with Yesterday’s Astrology Forecast:

Here is Todays trending Twitter hastag #EpsteinCoverUp:

++++++++++++++++ Nov 5 UPDATED XRP INFO +++++++++++++++++++++++++
Lawsuit news about Ripple – which I don’t expect will stop the coin at all.
++++++++++++++++ End UPDATE XRP INFO +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Yesterday (Nov 4th) Stellar jumped .20 cents, from .69 to .90 which is a massive 30% move. Could this have been because of my channeling? Sure it could. There could be a whale or 10 here in this group. But probably that move was not due to this group, Probably it was more a case of happy timing. Understandably I am getting questions on the level that I see Stellar reaching.
These levels are in my Patreon


I have said I expect a low crash down to the $4k level. Well, I’d like to say thanks to a Patron who posted this from Twitter:
Technically the $4k prediction was fulfilled by this freak moment on Coinbase. Did any of us get to take advantage of it? No. This is why I urge you to be so cautious about your plans in crypto.
IS $4K STILL ON THE TABLE? Yes, yes it is.
I expect that level to come and go in a relatively normal way in the next weeks or months. This means it will hold for a few hours or maybe a whole day or two. So, I am keeping my buy plans alive. It could still happen here in November or in December. WE ARE STILL IN A BEAR MARKET UNTIL AFTER THIS LEVEL IS HIT. Yes, this is still a Bear. Even though we went to over $13k BTC this market has not gone Bullish – YET.

A WORD ON MY PREDICTED LEVELS (availabe in Patreon)

I know my levels for XRP are really high (as posted in my Patreon) and I can see the Moon shining in people’s eyes when I put those numbers out there – which is why I hesitate to do it. And I really, really, really want to thank my long term crypto holders who have survived through the peak in 2017 and lived to tell about it (as I have).
If you are a newer investor in the crypto space please understand just how dramatic that actually was for us. And yes, a lot of people got crushed in that wave as it crashed into the rocks of the 2018 bear market. Not everyone could HODL through it. Only the strong survived. And by strong I mean those who clung like barnacles to the vestiges of a tattered portfolio, refusing to let go and HODLING to the death. Really, we are a specific kind of very tenacious and stubborn person who has been through this war.
So – newer people – be careful of those who tell you it will be easy. Us crypto vets will raise an eyebrow in your direction when we hear that old rhetoric popping out again. We’ve seen it, We know.


Yes, crypto will come back and yes those who held on for dear life will see their time and efforts rewarded. Thank you for your participation here and I want you to know that I understand what it meant to hang in there in 2018 because I held on too. Many of you are even earlier to this game than me, and I have a lot of respect for the foresight it took to get involved in the very early days. Here’s what I know about you: Both your patience and your foresight will make you leaders of the future. Regardless of the gaming of the system that’s taken place – this whole thing was a spiritual test. It was so that only the strong and cautious, only those with a vision and the courage to carry it out – as well as the loyalty to your own vision – would make it to the other side of this Tsunami. But the test is not over. There is still more to come, which is why we all need to be careful and wary. Most of you know this already.


I cannot emphasize strongly enough this truth: CRYTPO MOVES FAST. It moves UP fast and it moves DOWN FASTER. It is manipulated and those who manipulate the market want to take your coins from you and one of the ways they do this is by starving the market out. The 2018 bear market proved the old adage: “Markets can remain irrational longer than most investors can remain liquid.” Which just means that the manipulation can kill a lot of people.
In order to NOT get killed there are a couple of things you have to have a handle on:
1) Some kind of a plan that takes profits and gets your initial investment out.
2) Ways to roll profits into an ongoing income — UNLIKE OTHERS — I do not see Real Estate as the rock solid investment it has been in the past. Sure, having property to live on is great, but the RE investment landscape is going to change a lot. This is actually one of the reasons why I love PPT (Populous) so much. This is a coin that has an incredibly important use case in the future and which pays dividends to the coin owner. It provides factoring to companies in need of short term money to fulfill their orders. There is also crytpo mining and staking, but this won’t keep anyone afloat during a bear trend. I am still looking for other ideas as well that are outside of crypto. I like Silver, but it doesn’t generate a regular income.
3) An ability to put money back into the right coins at the right time. HINT: This is farther away than you realize at the time.
4) A way to live through the next bear market – most people do not think that far ahead. This is why all the Moon bois and girls of 2017 have gone into hiding to never be heard from again. A lot of these were paid pump and dumpers who lived in the trollbox at places like Poloniex (one of my most hated exchanges). Actually, I hate any exchange with a troll box. Troll boxes should be illegal.
5) The ability to manage your emotions and your mind enough to come out the other side in good shape. This is far easier said than done. Even though price targets seem like a good idea and a good way to play the market, you have to know that when things are actually happening we tend to psyche ourselves out. We wonder if the top is really in, we fear that the wave is still going up. then it drops and we fear that we missed out and wait for it to go up more. And then if it drops more, we don’t want to sell because of all the money we think we just lost. If you have not been through this, do not think you are immune. This is human nature. The only people who don’t have these feelings either already have the play book, or are not human.
6) Don’t expect cooperation at the top of the market. What does this mean? It means that exchanges will shut down, lose your orders, block your cards and your account. These peaks – the top – is for the insiders. This is an actual war, and they actually don’t want us to succeed. I’m not being paranoid. I’ve seen it. And these are the things that newer investors are not expecting.
Older crypto investors lived through Mt. Gox, the Silk Road, the ATH of 2018, accounts being shut down, rumors of ETF.s, fake mining operations, Satoshi, and on and on. Does anyone remember Bitconnect? It was a giant ponzi scheme that went belly up in 2018 – and took everyone’s BTC with it . I remember one YouTuber who was gleefully pumping it on his channel. His TA was ok during the bull market and he made some good trades which caused a lot of people to follow him. Now he makes videos on how to grow Marijuana. Here’s an article on MLM’s to avoid:
Back to the Mooneys: even if they took their money out at the top, it went to Lambos, cocaine and hookers metaphorically speaking (or literally in some cases). This is HYPE. Hype is death to an investor. Beware of stories about young stupid guys partying their brains out on crypto gains. (No disrespect to any young guys here). When I was at Anarchapulco in 2018 it was announced that the following year the whole Hotel would be rented and the event would be very drug ‘friendly.’ Also, I heard stories from some of the people I met about the amount of white powder that was around that year and the next was promised to be MORE decadent.
Honestly I don’t want to control what other people do to themselves. But I couldn’t help myself from warning a friend I had made (a guy who was about 25) who referred to himself as a twink (a straight guy who is a target for gay guys). So I warned him what can happen to a ‘twink’ who gets slipped a mickey. He got very upset (but we’re still friends). I cared about him and thought he should know the truth about the dangers he put himself in. Success has it’s pitfalls as well.

But prior to this I had considered becoming an ex-pat and taking my son and becoming a part of this community in Mexico. But not after that. There is no way I am raising my son around that.

One thing I have sat with all through this last year is the understanding that it is very easy for newer people to come into the market and think they will ride it easily. This is because of the expectation that crypto will go way up and STAY UP or that knowing when the top is in would be obvious – it’s not. Let me repeat this: IT IS NOT EASY TO SEE THE TOP. In fact it is nearly impossible when it is happening. This is because of human nature (See #5 above). just ask the seasoned veterans in this market – they are here. They know that what I am saying is true. They know this market is made to trick you.
It was also exceedingly easy at the bottom of the market to say that everything would go up. Of course it would, it had just been killed, and then killed again and then killed again just for good measure. The seasoned vets of this game know it is a long term winner. It is the question of HOW LONG it will take that really gets us. The tendency is for newer investors to not take a long enough view of the market. There are a couple of things to remember about crypto – and one of them is that ONE person can shake the whole boat.

Check out the story below. It is all about how there is research showing that ONE GUY pumped the market via TETHER at the ATH. Now, some of us in crypto knew this at the time, or at least we knew that TETHER was a printing scam, just like the USD:

So –
the whole point I am trying to make here – is that even though some of my numbers are scary high – it does not mean things – events – will happen the way you envision it. Nobody, myself included can see everything. I’m not saying it CAN’T happen the way you want. I’m just saying that no matter how much the Quarter Back trains and practices his moves with the team, when it comes to the actual game – that’s when everything rides on the moment and it might not be as smooth as you expect. Fumbles, fouls and flags are to be expected. In other words: expect the unexpected, and expect to have to deal with your own mental space as well – because that can be a big challenge too.


I am not trying to squash anyone’s enthusiasm, just bring it into line with reality. Having a vision and a larger mission is the #1 thing that will help you navigate the inevitable obstacle course that is coming. The bigger the vision and the greater the contribution you seek the easier it will be to make your way through all of this. What will you do if you have all that money? Practice imagining it.
At the Airport leaving Acapulco, I stood in line with a guy who had set up a fund, put his BTC paper wallets away and was planning to create a specific educational system for the future. I know he will create his vision. He is living a nice life, he travels with his wife, he enjoys the finer things but he’s not flashy. He takes moderate profits, he doesn’t have anyone to impress or anything to prove. He has a vision and a plan to accomplish it, even if he doesn’t see all the pieces quite yet. This level of humility and practicality is the best attitude for success in crypto.

I know that one of the reasons I AM HERE in this space is to help you to visualize and execute your higher purpose. I am super excited about what we will create.

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