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Broken Promises – Mercury Station Direct
Weekly Horoscope Sept 26- Oct 2

First, a little crypto update. Bitcoin has settled in the 19000 range and is not making any major jumps. So it’s been a pretty frustrating month for most people, but the big question is how far down will bitcoin go? And this week, astrologically, it’s all about Mercury promises. Many words have been spoken, minds have been changed and hearts have been broken and this is all due to Mercury’s change of direction this week as Mercury goes direct on October 2.

What’s going on with Mercury this week? Mercury is making promises he won’t keep. And he backs down toward Mars and bumps a bear metaphorically, which means he won’t fulfill that hostility. This can sometimes show up in people doing things just to get your attention. And also Mercury is making this promise to Uranus to complete things, especially crypto because this rule by Uranus digital things anything. Mercury is in the process of rethinking things right now and changing his mind. So everything is going to go in a new direction over these next coming weeks. Be prepared for that!

The promise Mercury is keeping is to Pluto and it picks up speed in the coming weeks which is really good. So through october Mercury is going to make big transformations and it´s the opportunity to change our own thinking. This is a powerful time to make big changes and Mercury is in Virgo. So it can be a big change of structure in our lives especially in our health or health patterns. Now we have the opportunity to fix things they are not working for us like we´re not sleeping well or we are not having to kind of energy levels we want.

Venus and the Sun are conjunkt this week which gives us the opportunity to use this time to make big picture plans. Time to think about what we want and how we want it in the long term. And also this conjunktion gives us a sense of luxury nurturing taking care of ourselves. It gives us good ideas and helps you produce things that are harmonious and beautiful. This aspect is making an opposition to Jupiter which means there is an excess. So there is a need to take the excess out of whatever´s going on. Be careful of this excessive tendency, also in the excess of money supply! There is issues that are coming up around the circulating amount of currency.

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