Best Financial Dates for August – CryptoAstrology
Best dates to open accounts, sign contracts or open an LLc

Best Financial Dates for August 2021 – CryptoAstrology

These are the best Crypto Astrology Dates in August for major financial activity. Please bear in mind that these dates are based on the General Astrology for everyone in the world. Your personal chart is not taken into consideration when I make these date selections, so you may or may not be getting fantastic financial aspects at this time.

BAD PERSONAL ASPECTS: A good rule of thumb for you to avoid taking important action is if you are sick or injured or if there is some kind of action or attack, breakup, divorce or legal action against you going on at the time. If so, then you’re probably getting bad aspects, and you should delay important decisions and contracts.

GOOD PERSONAL ASPECTS: On the other hand, if things are just happening easily for you, you just got a windfall, someone gave you something (even something small) or an obstacle has just cleared out of your way then you are probably getting GOOD aspects and it’s a great time to go ahead and increase your benefits by creating contracts and accounts during this beneficial time.

When I create the Best Financial Dates for August using CryptoAstrology I look at a lot of things that you can’t find using regular Astrology, so even if the date turns out not to be so great for you – the thing you created will be successful and you will wind up getting what you need from it. On the other hand, when something is created on bad Astrological dates then it is likely that it will not be successful and no matter how good your own aspects may be, it still won’t be that benefit for you. So these dates can really help you to succeed and even protect you during difficult times.

The Best Financial Dates for August – CryptoAstrology -From now on, I will be moving this feature to it’s own post on my site and not in the Timing Report. All Pro and VIP members will still get access to it before the beginning of the month, but I want to be able to open it up for Basic members a week or two later so they can still benefit from some of the dates.

Good Financial Dates in August: Aug 14, Aug 22-25 and Aug 27

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