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Bank Failures

Bank Failures – The Big News
News coming out today on collapsing banks

Bank Failures – The Big News

The news today is on failing BANKS, and this is entirely as we’ve all been expecting for some time now. Last week we were hearing a lot about Silvergate bank, now today it is a failure of a big Silicon Valley Bank and soon many more will start to crumble as Bank Failures continue. This is happening now, but it will not lead to the proverbial tree hitting the ground as it falls for several months more still. Here are a few key indicators we are watching to see happen along the way:

*Failure of Deuche Bank. This is one of the Central Bank Cartel banks and means that this is all being planned to happen now.
*Failure of UK banks. I have been seeing one of their big ones, like Lloyds of London or Barclays. This is one of the Central Bank Cartel banks and means that this is all being planned to happen now.
*Failure of a large Bank in NYC – something with New York in the title, like Bank of New York or something similar. This is one of the Central Bank Cartel banks and means that this is all being planned to happen now.

The series of Bank collapses is planned however, it will NOT go as planned by the Cartels. It is leading to TWO major events that the Cartel, Mafiosa are not anticipating: 1) The public is waking up – gradually at first and then BAM, all of a sudden with massive anger and RAGE. and then 2) The collapse of the US Dollar which they do not want to see collapse yet. Therefore, the dollar collapse escapes from their control. And this also will lead to the escape in value of SILVER and GOLD.

Last night I had a member call where I went over a 5 point plan for preparation, if you haven’t already, please listen to it. (As always, if you are not registered contact Geric on Telegram @JhonGeric and he will get you registered.)

I also just posted a VIP strategy for 3 coins for Right NOW.

All of these Bank Failures and other events are tied together and will lead to the financial ‘reset’ getting OUT of control of these Mafiosas, Cabal leaders. It will also lead to several false flag events that are designed to distract the public. For the most part these false flags are not going to work because literally nobody will trust the news by then (except a few die hard hypnotized people). Also there will be a crazed angry gunman going through one of the major media news shows in NYC and shooting the place up. This is an old prediction of mine from 2019, but it is going to happen sometime in the next 6-18 months.

FOR YOU – please remember beyond just the Banks Failing not all of this happens all at once. It is going to be a series of events that unfold over the course of at least a year with the transformation in public consciousness being permanent and leading to a really changed decade moving forward from this time. This is going to go down in history as a KEY moment when everything changed.

Also, even though the Bank failures is a key temporal marker for all of the world changes and the change in public consciousness another key change that is going to happen once politicians start to step down, get fired, killed and suicided is that the vacancy left behind in ‘leadership’ is primarily going to be filled by women (real, organic natural human women). This is not a sexist statement from me, this is just what is happening and it is happening for two reasons. There will be far, far fewer of these jobs, but the ones that are allowed by the public to continue will be completely transparent.

1) By and large most of the public is going to trust women in these positions of ‘power’ more than men. I say ‘power’ because these will be very transparent jobs without any secret power and the women taking these jobs are not doing it for power or for money, but rather for their children and their community.

2) These events, ALL of these events are a manifestation of the AWAKENING of the diving feminine energy within all of humanity – this occurs within both males and females. NOW is the scheduled time for this divine awakening. What this divine awakening means is that humans will no longer be able to be divided by pure LOGIC, MATH and WORD GAMES the way we have been during this past age of Masculine (left-brained) prominence. When a society as a whole connects to the feminine energy it becomes more conscious of itself as part of a whole, and not just as isolated individuals. Society becomes more intuitive, more empathetic and able to connect with each other and more and able to feel and read each other’s emotions and intentions. Society also becomes more FULFILLING for those who participate in it because people are understood, seen and respected for WHO THEY ARE rather than WHAT THEY HAVE or the POWER THEY HOLD. Also, people will become more psychic and connected in general, which will cause lies and deception to be far, far less possible.

So, I just needed to update you all that even though the news is about Bank Failures, this is a temporal marker for so much more than that and it is, in fact kind a of a gateway to another, much better level of existence for those who heed the call and move forward towards the new level of humanity that is unfolding. This is a huge message of hope. But you all need to be aware that this is not happening overnight, it will take decades for the whole evolution to unfold, but a lot of it will show itself over this next 1-2 year period of time.

I hope this message finds all of you well and that it brings healing and peace to your heart and soul. Please remember that all of these world changes are happening FOR humanity and leading to a much better and more fulfilling way of living. YOU are part of it, in fact you ARE it!

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