It’s Your Money – But You Can’t Have It

In case you didn’t already need a reason to be (very) wary of the Banks who hold you money – as if the abuses from institutions like Wells Fargo and the 2019 Capital One Data Breach of over 100 Million individual’s personal details aren’t enough to make you mistrust the Banks (and they should) this story brings the facts home to roost that your money is not be safe at the Bank.

We all grew up with the cliche “It’s like Money in the Bank” which presumably meant putting money in a Bank is a safe thing to do. Well, I don’t think that it is. Never mind the fact that you aren’t earning a return on it anyway. So now there are TWO good reasons not to keep your money in the Bank. Or at the very least not all of it.

The story below details how withdrawals are being blocked around the world – and please, please, please do not make the naive mistake of thinking this cannot happen in the Western World. It can, and I expect that it WILL. And as an Astrologer who has succeeded in calling tops, bottoms and crashes in both the Crypto and Traditional markets – when everyone else was wandering around in circles of confusion – I am willing to stick my neck out and say that withdrawal limits and ‘Bank Holidays’ could start happening in Western Countries as soon as June.

This story covers it:

Covid is the excuse to block withdrawals around the world. Covid is not the REAL REASON – the real reason is that our economy is heading off a cliff, Banks are insolvent and they know it. But Covid makes a nice cover, and allows them to shut you off from your money. And what comes after that is even more disturbing – Bank Bail-in’s, Bank Collapses and other tools that rob everyday people of their money, while protecting those behind the current failures.

And for me, this is not acceptable. Everyday people need to have the options and resources to take care of themselves, have access to the fruits of their own labors and the freedom to use them as they choose. This is why I created this site, and it’s why I offer the information here that I do. Please consider subscribing and becoming a member here:

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  1. Julie Gum

    I am new. I wondered about pensions I live in the SF bay area. do you see them going?

    1. Aura

      Not quite yet, but by next year. They are definitely not safe and as much funds as you can get out of there the better you are. They are also likely to use the Pension as a way to get people into their controlled cryptos.

  2. Floyd in the Netherlands

    Dear Aura, you write to buy some silver for overcome next difficulties. But buy more quantity for long time investment is good or is it better bitcoin for sure ?
    Thank you

    1. Aura

      Have both. I answered questions that people had with the idea that ‘Junk silver’ is best for short term needs.

  3. Ron Doepker

    The big blow to the public will come when they cut off the credit cards and at the same time institute banking restrictions like $100 maximum withdrawls. The banksters can somewhat control hyperinflation if they don’t let the people have access to their money. Those who have cash, gold, silver and cryptos in hand will rule the day. Non-essential items will have a fire sale. AURA – when they will they cut off credit cards in the U.S.???

    1. Aura

      These Bank Holidays can come as early as June and as late as August. This is already happening around the world, so you are really asking how long it will take to reach the US. By August at the latest.

  4. JD

    HODL?, I’ll be buying hand over fist (if you can find any for sale) but I feel if it gets that low it will be like tying to buy silver at $10 an ounce – it ain’t happenin’! Have a great Memorial weekend, John, and don’t worry – it’ll all work out – trust m… err Aura, shes gotcha covered.

  5. John E

    I know I shouldnt but 2021 gives me a lot of worries that are logical but not yet tangable.
    How many would still HODL if BTC came down to $250 (post the 2020 possible high) ???

    1. Aura

      BTC will not go down to $250. The only way you could see that number is on a flash drop that only one person was able to catch. It’s not a number to keep in your head.

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