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The Devil in Rider-Waite Tarot depicts arch angel Uriel presiding over the couple who live in error and mistakes of judgement

Pandemic of Thought (Covid-19)
Fear is the real enemy; is it being manufactured?

Are you afraid of catching a (covid-19) Virus? Afraid that it could kill you? Or someone you love? We all used to walk around feeling relatively immune to the seasonal Flu. But now some of us have stopped being friendly to neighbors and started scoffing when we see someone walking around with a BARE FACE.

To me the real danger that Covid-19 (Cerificate Of Vaccine ID 19) presents is far less about physical danger. If you are here, you already know that I see Homeopathy as an extremely (if not THE MOST) effective defense against such a biological attack. I have already used it in my home to ward of the dreaded Covid-19, Corona Virus with little more than a headache and some extra sleep. If you don’t already have my VIRUS PROTECTION PDF, please subscribe on the home page to get it for free.

But Here’s a psychological perspective on what is REALLY going on beneath the surface right now:

Fractionating – A Psychological Technique (Psy-op)

Rochard Grannon is a Psychologist who has also studied NLP (as have I). There is a MASS awakening happening right now on the planet. One thing we can all do to facilitate this awakening is to understand the tools of our own hypnosis/oppression.

Here’s a second video from Richard Grannon with even deeper insight.

Effects of Propaganda

Like the weaponized “Political Correctness” movement, Covid-19 and its effects are a direct attack on our human ability to THINK, to COMMUNICATE and to INTERACT as humans. It is an attempt to reshape reality and crush the things we have taken for granted among human society for so long.

The hope and the solution is that enough people wake up and don’t fall for it. In this way we can retain the very things that make us human.

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  1. Cybele Kane

    I love Richard Grannon. Glad to see this post.

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    Aura, this is the halving? Or bitcoin breakout and go to the 12000?

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