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Narcissism: Physical Bait and the Evolution of Soul
Narcissism: Physical Bait and the Evolution of Soul

First of all, thank you for visiting. I am truly glad that you have stopped by and are taking your time to read what I have to say. I am happy that you are a fellow traveller on the road to healing and uplifting that I believe is each of our human natural birthright. I promise to give you the best information I possibly can for the time you invest here with me.

Narcissus and Echo in Greek Mythology
Narcissus and Echo in Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, the beautiful Echo fell in love with Narcissus who was so in love with himself that he was incapable of experiencing real human love. This left Echo in pain and anguish so she went to the Gods and asked them to help her. Taking pity on her, Nemesis – the Goddess of revenge – turned Narcissus into a flower that grows by the water and stares forever at it’s own image.

NARCISSISM is at something of a crisis level in our world today. In 2017 the #1 Google search was “How to identify a Narcissist.” Check out the Narcissism trend with Google’s own tools Here.  So, if that doesn’t tell you how epidemic this issue is then nothing will.

Wikipedia identifies Narcissism HERE

There are a lot of reasons for the epidemic of Narcissism and I intend to do more posts on it soon because I see it as a sickness of the soul that actually allows dark entities into the human to gain control. On the psychic level I have seen entities attach themselves to individuals who are Narcissistic. Also, those entities almost universally behave the same way – almost as if they were following the same play book or getting their instructions from the same place. Hmm.

That’s all I’m going to say about that in this post. But the short answer to the reasons for this epidemic are basically because humanity keeps buying into and believing the multi-layered lie that is being spoon fed to us through the media and through the internet (which are becoming more and more fused together).

THE MISSING PEICE: Although there is a vast amount of information available on narcissism, narcissists and how they behave, there is one crucial area that I see missing in this discussion and it is the same area that literally ALL of the media and social media has ostracized – namely the spiritual element.

To be clear here, I am NOT talking about religion, which has historically been used as a tool to support and even increase Narcissism. It is perfectly ok to speak about religion online or in the media. The media and online world will not condemn you for doing so (this should tell you something about the real purpose of religion). I am talking about real, actual individual human spirituality, meditation, prayer and the use of prana. That element that allows us to connect directly to our spiritual source and to plug into and speak to our guides and the ascended masters like Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene and the many others who’s names are not known in the history books.

To be clear: as long as we focus on the narcissist or narcissism and the damage it causes then we CANNOT HEAL from it. It is spiritually impossible to do so. The only authentic way to heal is by working inside of ourselves on removing and releasing the internal blockages that we hold against love. Period. That’s it!

Now that sounds simple, but it is far harder to do in practice than it sounds, mainly because most of our resistance to love lives in our subconscious mind. And also because literally our entire world – our narcissistic society – is designed to program us AWAY from love and inner union in order to keep us from our individual power. I mean, what would all these giant corporations do if we all suddenly realized that we don’t need 99% of the crap they are trying to sell us? They would just die, that’s what would happen. And I wouldn’t miss them one bit, lol.

This brings me to the idea of PHYSICAL BAIT! Physical bait, weather it be the idea  of a perfect lifestyle, wealth, how good-looking they are, the sexy lover, travel etc is the tool of the narcissist. That is what the ‘great deceiver’ uses to trap us.

The Narc makes promises of the ideal life, riches, fast cars, easy women, the giant house, cool clothes (those amazing shoes!), or even just that nice stable life with a family and 1.9 kids. It is all an illusion. Why? Because reality – any reality – can NEVER really feel like those images look. Looking and feeling are not the same thing. LOL!! This seems obvious doesn’t it?

I am reminded of a woman I became friends with who I believe is a narcissist. She is always making sure that everyone knew how well connected she is, how spiritual she is and how beautiful she is (I’m serious!) All her posts on Social Media are designed to support her carefully crafted image.

She makes sure she dates only the richest, most famous, most high profile men who drive the fastest cars. She makes sure everyone knows this. She also broadcasts how she never needs money because everyone else always pays for everything for her. She advertises herself as knowing more about love than anyone else. And yet, when I look at her ‘perfect’ pictures of herself – never caught off guard, messy, awkward or REAL – I look into her eyes and I see either blankness or sadness.

This is not high self-esteem. This is narcissism. Only outside stuff is used to validate her self-image and no weak moments are ever allowed to show. Watching all this might be enough to make an insecure person feel unworthy, less than or meaningless. And that is the exact purpose of such an image. It is not designed to uplift others, it is designed to make her look better than, superior to and above others. This is the narcissistic lie. This is what the media does with Models and Actresses as well. And it is all a lie. I was pushed into that life when I was younger and it made me miserable.

The narcissists trap lives inside of our own minds. The trap is that we believe we need something – anything – other that what we already have in order to be complete, whole and happy. This is a LIE. Even if we have wounds and inner pain, even if we are struggling financially, even if we are cold, hungry or sad. The answers to these challenges do not live in promises that come from other people, places or things. Those promises are most likely lies anyway, especially if they come from a narcissistic person.

Even if we do get these things they can never make us whole in and of themselves. I don’t have anything against having these things of course! I believe we should all have abundance and joy, it’s just that if we are not whole, healed and happy inside ourselves then no amount of outside ’stuff’ can do it for us.

Actually, any and all of these challenges are a profound gift to your soul because they can help you to find the real genuine source of your well-being, which is that exact spiritual source I spoke of earlier; meditation, breathing, prana.

Soul Evolution: And this is how we evolve spiritually. We face our pain (our inner demons) and we learn to overcome them by filling ourselves with source energy and remembering that inside us is the source of any and all true healing, joy, abundance and happiness. Our tangles with the Narcissist can be excruciatingly painful. This is true. This is especially true for those of us who had a Narc parent because our wounds are embedded deeply in the subconscious mind. They are part of our life programming because we were groomed by a Narcissist to serve them and abandon ourselves. This has become part of our nature, part of our personality.

Schools of PSYCHOLOGY make sure we know that our childhood programming is our destiny. Hah! This is another LIE. Please be awakened with me and join me in joyfully flipping the middle finger to anything and anyone who wants to tell us we are trapped in the patterns of our past. I call Bullshit on that one! I know this to be untrue from my own experience.

IF I CAN HEAL SO CAN YOU. I am not going to go into my personal story here, but believe me, if I can do it – anyone – and I mean literally anyone can do it. The only thing that I have that you may not have discovered yet is a profound deep inner connection to my inner light. That’s it. This has been true since I was a little girl. There have been times I have forgotten it, and times when I have needed to experience profound pain and loss in order to come back to it. But I have always had and known my path to that connection.

And my connection to that light is what drives me to share it with you. It is what drove me to create this Meditation CD. This is certainly not the only way to heal, but it works. Here it is if you would like a tool that you can use any time you like to help you connect to your inner wisdom, strength and healing forces; Solar Plexus Healing Meditation

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool for inner healing. Massive problems that seem to have no logical solution can magically dissolve when we work on this inner plane of existence. Real physical tangible problems can – and do – find solutions when we do the inner work first. Narcissistic abuse can be healed and moved on from. Inner love can be achieved (and from there divine partnership becomes possible). In fact everything we have ever wanted begins to come to us – with precious little effort.

Meditation is a tool for the mind. It is a tool for putting that crazy monkey to bed and allowing our inner GPS to kick in and take us where we really need to go. Other ways to heal from narcissistic abuse. Other tools that are effective in healing narcissistic abuse include SOUL RETRIEVAL, and Past Life Regression sessions. Both of these can be scheduled in my Metaphysical Store HERE

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here, please leave a comment and share your story.


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