Corona Virus Predictive Programming

I don’t agree with everything Jeff Berwick says, but this is a really good video and what he says here is correct in my view. I don’t have to agree with everything he says to have respect for what he’s doing, and the great community he’s built. The connections shown to the Big Pharma starting at around the 19 min mark are great evidence as to why every human on earth should at least do some research of their own into the FINANCIAL ties between the politicians and the political agendas being pushed on us all. This is just plain critical thinking this is not ‘conspiracy theory’ – it is fact.

That term ‘conspiracy theory’ by the way, was coined by the FBI (easily proven, just search YouTube for factual evidence of this). It was created to discredit citizens who exhibited the ability to think for themselves and challenge the dominant (controlled) narrative.

But I did go to Anarchapulco in 2017, it was fantastic and tons of fun. I also interviewed ex-senator Cynthia McKinney and Roger Ver when I was there. Here are those interviews.

Cynthia McKinney Interview:

Roger Ver Interview:

I don’t know everything (nobody does) but one thing I DO know is that the ‘Learners’ (those who are willing to learn) will inherit the future.

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