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Archangels – Micheal, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael

Psychics and channelers are always talking about Archangel Micheal and bringing messages through from him – and this makes a lot of sense when you understand who he is, but most neglect to mention that there are 4 major archangels. In this post I want to examine all of them and what they each do since there are all equally relevant, just in different ways.

ANGELS = ANGLES – Have you ever noticed that these words are very close to each other? Sacred Geometry is the language of creation, it is also the language of Angels. The energy of Angels is a spiritual force that is represented and captured in the math of Angles.

First of all – these 4 main Archangels, Micheal, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael are connected to and represent the 4 directions, and just as a GPS won’t work without all 4 directions – North, South, East and West the same is true for the Archangels. They can be called upon in their corresponding directions for full protection. All of the descriptions below discuss the angels in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, this is because the symbolism of that deck is ancient and accurately reflects esoteric wisdom. I am not saying there is anything wrong with any other deck, as they each have their own character and powers, it is just that the Rider-Waite is the ONLY deck that holds the ancient symbolism. Those symbols are depicted for a reason and there is literally nothing in those cards that is not important and meaningful.

Archangel Micheal is associated with the direction South. This is also connected with the Summer Solstice. He is the Angel with the Fiery Sword and his is the Element of FIRE. And as the Angel with a sword he is the one who leads God’s army and drives the Demons – including Satan – back into hell. Clearly he is very powerful. Also in the Tarot he is pictured in the TEMPERANCE card. This is the card of moderation, balance and harmony. Micheal holds two cups in this card and pours the water back and forth between them thereby creating balance between the two. In this way, the card pictures two elements becoming one and moving into harmony. This is also a depiction of alchemy as the actual physical act of pouring water from one cup to another will increase the life-force within that water and cause it become highly charged with IONs and filled with energy and life that was not there before. It is a very good idea to do this yourself with your drinking water to increase your energy and magnetism, also called VRILL. The Temperance card is also known as the Holy Guardian Angel and may be associated with your own personal Spirit Guides, certainly whenever this card appears it represents an area where there is divine protection and guidance being bestowed upon the situation.

temperence arch angel micheal holy guardian angel
Temperance in Rider-Waite Tarot depicts arch angel micheal and Summer Solstice

Uriel – North/Earth – as the angel of the Earth Uriel is always present when the other three elements are present because this is one of the laws of manifestation – physical creation is automatic when Fire, Air and Water are present. As such he is actually pictured in the DEATH card as the ending and destruction of something. Uriel is biblically the angel of destruction. Uriel is also pictured in the DEVIL card and is associated with Saturn, Capricorn and the Winter Solstice. This is the point of greatest cold, hardness and the darkest hour of the year. The lesson that the Devil card represents in Tarot is to correct our errors of judgement. The two figures pictured in the card are not forcibly chained, they can simply take their shackles off if they so choose. Therefore in Tarot the image of the Devil is more about where in life one is overly attached to their physical pleasures, addictions or errors of judgement, especially regarding the physical world and materialism. This card does not say that the material world is bad, it simply points out where we may have become out of balance and forgotten to make spiritual energy more important than physical circumstances. The is especially true of pleasures that are destructive to ourselves or others. The Devil represents our choices that have been made in error and we become like beasts when we make choices purely for physical reasons without making the other elements more important. The truth of reality is that the other elements are actually more important than the physical. Physical is merely a result of the others.

Death ir Rider-Waite Tarot depcts arch angel uriel
Death in Rider-Waite Tarot depicts the action of arch angel Uriel creating transformation and change
The Devil in Rider-Waite arch angel uriel
The Devil in Rider-Waite Tarot depicts arch angel Uriel presiding over the couple who live in error and mistakes of judgement

Gabriel – West/Water – Spring Equinox – Pictured in the JUDGEMENT card in the Tarot deck. The angel of REVELATION and awakening. He literally awakens souls to their higher purpose, meaning or calling. His presence shows that there is something not yet known about the higher meaning of a situation and that there will be a new cycle in which the next level of awakening takes place. The presence of this card is literally an indication that there is more to learn here and more will be revealed. It also signals that a situation is not over and another round is coming for the spiritual development of the person or persons involved. For this reason there is a profound connection to spirals with this card and also the angel Gabriel. Everything in life is a ultimately a spiral, the planets move in spirals – not closed little circles as we imagine. Human DNA is a double helix spiral. Our personal and spiritual evolution takes place in a spiral. The spiral either goes up or down. Up is growth, down is death, devolution and destruction.

judgement raider waite tarot arch angel Gabriel spring equinox
The Judgement card in Rider-Waite Tarot depicts Spring Equinox and arch angel Gabriel calling souls to awaken

Raphael – East/Air – The Fall Equinox. Raphael is Pictured in the LOVERS card in the Rider Waite Tarot. Raphael is the Angel of Healing. Raphael could also be seen as being the figure in the Page of Cups (in disguise) because he brings the cup of healing. The Lovers card in the Tarot – apart from the face meaning of two people involved with each other – has a lot of deeper meaning to it. Another level of meaning here that most Tarot readers are aware of is that it means choice and can represent the choice between two different love partners. Also, this card represents the idea of discernment and the querent’s ability to differentiate between lower companions (the kind found in the Devil card) and those who uplift the individual and help them along their path of highest joy and service. For this reason the Lovers can also represent the choice between a lower companion who represents ego and physical desires vs the companion who would fulfill the heart and soul, but may not fit into someone’s ‘idea’ or mental ‘picture’ of what is cool. The deeper, normally unrecognized meaning here is that because of the presence of Archangel Raphael in the card the meaning is actually about spiritual healing.

Lover card Raider waite tarot arch angel Rapael fall equinox
The Lovers card in Rider-Waite Tarot depicts Fall Equinox and arch angel Raphael connecting souls to spiritual purpose and healing

The deeper truth that is pictured here is that of a relationship that is balanced and spiritual in nature; although this is only true when the people involved are already on a spiritual path. The only way for this to manifest is if there is room for spirit – angels, god – to exist between the two lovers. This card represents love that is in service to a higher ideal or purpose. Generally, when people are stuck at the ego level then the circumstances of this card will show up as ‘3rd party situations’ or a love triangle. But when there is a spiritual level of awareness present then the meaning will be about allowing spiritual energy into the partnership in order to allow for healing of deep inner wounds. For this reason, the relationship represented by this card is never easy because when we have a love partner who is aligned with us deeply and spiritually then they will bring up any unresolved wounds that we need to heal. Generally this is a higher order of relationship than is normal and this level of relationship only shows up for people who have really been through a lot in their lives; people who do not live only on the obvious surface level of status and position. This is the only real level where true soulmate or twin flame love is possible, but it is not easy to achieve in this world.

These 4 Archangels fit into the type of Astrology I practice because they are representative of the 4 seasonal degrees which are the Equinox and Solstice points of our year – Summer Solstice (0’ Cancer), Winter Solstice (0’ Capricorn), Spring Equinox (0’ Aries) and Autumn Equinox (0’ Libra). These 4 points of the Zodiac wheel are the MOST IMPORTANT to humanity and our battle to grow and evolve in this dense plane of existence. The Earth is going through massive changes now and this is leading to some really huge changes in our societies over the coming years. One of the biggest changes that is coming to the physical Earth is a POLE SHIFT which will change where the magnetic North on our planet is located. It has been moving for a long time and has been documented by several really good researchers. The facts actually support the theory that we are moving into a mini ice age and NOT global warming. Here is one of the researchers on that:

Many, many years ago – somewhere around 1999 I was shown that the Earth would have a pole shift during my lifetime by my guides. I was also shown that the magnetic poles of the Earth are deeply and profoundly connected to the spiritual state of the humans that live on Earth. Originally humans were in alignment with the planet and the animals on the planet, we did not eat them and we did not lie, cheat, or commit violence against one another or the animals. However, fear crept into the human heart and fear drove men to hurt each other and attempt to dominate and control one another and the animals. This is when the animals grew to become wild. These energies of fear, anger, control and violence grew and caused the planet to shake and wobble and for the poles to shift. Every time the Earth becomes overwhelmed by unbalanced energy she must do the same in order to shake off this dangerous and unbalanced energy.

Most people do not recognize that the Earth is a living being. She is our mother and our school and she responds to the energies of the people who live here. We came here to learn lessons from her and her wisdom is always available for us to connect with, generally by getting outdoors and communing with the wildness and beauty she gifts to us. It is through our relationship with Earth, nature, the seasons and the angels (angles) who guard and protect them that we come to know our own spiritual lessons and gifts and how we are meant to use them in this world.

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