Bitcoin BTC Crypto Timing Report


Bitcoin BTC Crypto Timing Report – Looks at the good and bad Astrology days for BTC which dictates the market as a whole and gives an idea of dates to potentially buy (on dips) and sell (at peaks). This is part 1 of the report and includes dates on 3 different BTC charts so that I don’t miss anything. These dates should be the peaks and valleys as well as the highs and lows of the market.

Includes notes on expected times for BCH breakout based on Astrology a couple of additional coins are MENTIONED, but the timing in this report is for BITCOIN which dictates the whole crypto market. What I expect for ALTS is mentioned but not in specific ways.

BCH WILL OVERTAKE BTC: Part 2 of the report is the original article I posted to the blockchain on how I see BCH overtaking BTC. This includes the content that was behind the paywall which discusses what specific levels it will hit along the way (by 2021 it should be the top crypto).

SANE PROFIT TAKING: Part 3 of the report is a separate spread sheet for taking profits from alt-coins and how to do so in a sane and reasonable way without excess stress or being chained to your computer day and night.

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