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WEF cryptocurrency Coins Channeling

The World Economic Forum Coins – A Channeled Message
How they plan to be used

The World Economic Forum coins that were discussed in the WEF document are XRP, XLM, SOL, ADA, ALGO and CELO. They have far more importance than just a currency or an investment in the ‘reset’ economy. They have an integral role to play in the new ‘smart cities’ and there is a lot more to say about them. But there is one more I need to add to the list for the purpose of the following discussion and that is IOTA. Even though it was NOT discussed by the WEF, IOTA is also part of what follows.

First off, here’s the link to the WEF site: Davos Forum 2021: the Great Reset after the COVID-19 pandemic (

What is most relevant here is the discussion of what’s actually in the vaxxines (and our food supply as I will explain later). There was a Spanish study that found the Covid vaxxine is 99% Graphene Oxide: No Biological Content in Pfizer Vaccine | Spanish researchers put the Pfizer vaccine under an electron microscope and found it contains 99% graphene oxide and hardly anything else |

The World Economic Forum coins using magnetics?
The World Economic Forum coins using magnetics?


After I wrote this article I went back to check that this link was still working – and lo and behold – page load error. So I went to the wayback machine and found it so I could take a screenshot of it. I attached it to this blog so you can read the article.

The World Economic Forum coins using magnetics? I was reading the preview on another article published in Spain which laid out in specific detail the mechanism by which Graphene is used to magnetize humans, how it interacts with the neurons in the brain and how it creates a neural mesh that can be used to send and receive messages and COMMANDS. It also explained that Graphene does not become magnetic until it reaches body temperature (this is why the Covid Vaxxines are kept FROZEN – which is not true of other fully tested and FDA approved Vaccines). They even went on to suggest that 5G is part of this. And as I was trying to click on the link – it disappeared. The story vanished and I cannot find it when I search for it. Although I have seen similar articles before, this one really put it all together.

The World Economic Forum coins and FOOD? The other part of it is the magnetic FOOD that has also been cropping up all over the place – meats in supermarkets that will hold a key off the ground. These are animals that have been injected with the same graphene particles. This is just another way to get those particles into more humans because if you eat it then it becomes part of your body, just like food does. So the bottom like here is DON’T EAT MEATS if you don’t know for sure that it is 100% farm raised and organic. Fully Organic meat is pretty rare actually. I once asked the meat guy at Whole Foods exactly how their organic beef was raised and he said farm raised and pasture finished – which means those cows were fattened up with corn and grains at the end and that they aren’t really ‘organic’. Because they ate a bunch of hay and oats and corn which is definitely NOT organic. There is basically no organic corn left on earth because of genetic (Monsanto) seed pollution. So, those labels can be deceiving. Additionally there is a lot of info available about the synthetic meats and foods that Bill Gates is bringing to the marketplace. 

You can certainly search for Graphene Oxide yourself and find a lot of disturbing information on but you have to dig pretty far. Everything at the top of Google now has been spun to make Graphene sound perfectly safe, but it’s not.  These actions by the Graphene to magnetize people and how it takes over the mental neurons is EXACTLY WHAT THE GUIDES DESCRIBED about 18 months ago about why we must avoid these vaxxines at all cost. What I want to add to the discussion now is that the 7 cryptocurrencies listed above are going to be part of this. They are part of the new grid that is being created, and we need to understand this in order to avoid it.

A MESSAGE FROM THE GUIDES ON THESE COINS: Because of the importance of this subject I asked the guides to help me understand what is going on with this system and how we can best navigate it. Here’s what they said:

Dear ones, because much of this is yet to unfold and because humans have Free Will we cannot guaranteed to you that this system will not fully unfold. We can only promise you that enough of this information will come to light – in the public forum – to allow people to make their own choice about these systems. Their choice may be to NOT choose by ignoring these truths, but even this is a choice. 

Be aware that these issues and dangers will not effect those of you who choose to avoid these toxins. Also, that the opportunity to make some money from them will serve you and help you to create the safer corners of the world where you wish to live and care for your loved ones.

But also be clear that you, and everyone on Earth is nearing to the moment of decision, the point where you must make a clear choice to take one path over the other. The choice is clear: choose the 5D of love, caring co operation with others and follow the laws of Nature also called the Law of One or follow the path of Fear and Control. This second path will only lead to the shrinking and weakening of the individuals while those who follow the Law of One will grow in strength and joy. 

Know also that making conscious choices NOW to follow the Law of One will make everything easier for you and also continue to increase your strength and manifesting powers over these coming months and years. As you see now, the challenges in the crypto Marketplace are mostly related to fear and second guessing yourself when there are big changes in the prices. Your power and strength comes from maintaining your inner vision and connection to your heart. Nothing can interfere with this and it IS your protection from all the manipulations and dark plans that are being executed over your world.

What we can tell you is that the ultimate control over humanity will not succeed, but there will be those who choose to follow the path of non-responsibility, which is just another form of Fear, and for them life will be a pale echo of the real experience that will be made manifest for those who choose to live in the 5D. 

The World Economic Forum Crypto Coins for INVESTMENT – Well yes, these will all make great gains in the next 12-18 months. But I have the very strong sense that there will definitely come a time in the next 2 years when we want to get out, or mostly out of these coins. Not because they won’t have value, but because we won’t want to use them. There will be other — much better — alternatives.

Additional and related info that I am adding for your reference is this article about how they reconstructed the 1918 Spanish Flu: NIAID Scientists Create 3D Structure of 1918 Influenza Virus-Like Particles | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases What they DON’T say in the article is that it was done by Fauci and his funded teams in the US. I am including a screenshot of the article here – since important info like this keeps being ERASED from the web.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to detox your body from this stuff, the number #1 being to drink Dandilion Tea, but you can also buy Dandilion root coffee as well (bonus: Dandilion kills cancer cells in under 24 hours). Pine Needle Tea is also great. Other methods include eating raw sliced garlic, drinking lots of lemon water and taking regular baths with Bentonite Clay. The most extreme method is Chelation Therapy which is done under the supervision of a Doctor and was done by a friend of mine many years ago after he had all of his Mercury fillings removed. Obviously you don’t want that stuff in your mouth either. Mercury is not Graphene and does not function the same way, but it is still toxic to the human body. I had my Mercury fillings replaced years ago, then I took the Homeopathic Remedy Mercurius Solubilus in the 30c dosage every day for a week to clear the Mercury out of my system. I buy my Homeopathic remedies from HomeopathyOvernight

***Please note, this is NOT an affiliate link, just the information that I use for myself and my family.

But buy it while you can because there is a huge bill in congress right now trying to make all these natural substances illegal. Even things like Tee Tree oil and Chamomile Tea.  At least most people can find Dandilions growing all over their neighborhood.

By the way, when you find smoking gun articles like these please screenshot them and send them to my assistant at

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