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The Year of Backwards; 2018

All planets have turned retrograde this year, causing a heap of change and review.

This year, 2018 has been a year when literally every planet that could go retrograde (backwards from our view here on Earth) has gone retrograde.

retrograde planets
retrograde planets appear to move backwards from our vantage point on Earth

This never happens. Most people are aware of the regular retrogrades of Mercury (3 times a year). The next Mercury Retro starts on Nov 16th but just entered the pre-shadow on Oct 28th at 27 Scorpio to 13 Sag). Mercury Retro most effects Gemini’s and Virgo’s which explains a lot about their personal life patterns. This next one will also strongly impact Scorpio and Sagittarius.

But few realize that every planet – and therefore every sector of human life – also go through periods of review and renovation. This year we are getting it in spades and just about everything we take for granted is being moved and changed. It’s kind of like waking up in the morning and finding the furniture has been rearranged. Kind of disconcerting and very hard to make plans. Them cats just don’t want to be herded.

Right now, as I write this we have Venus, Uranus and Neptune moving backwards. But other planets are still in their respective shadows (aka; still dealing with the aftermath of their own retro’s). These are Pluto and Saturn, Here’s a quick rundown of what each planet that is retrograde at the moment represents:

Venus: Values, communication, art, property, beauty, money and things we own or think we own and/or desire.
Uranus: Technology, music, higher mathematics, electricity, the masses of humanity, broadcasting and media, all complex planning systems.
Neptune: Mysticism, the inner realms, produce and things that grow a harvest, drugs, addiction, gems, precious metals and minerals, the oceans, old things and things that last (or don’t).

And those still in the shadow
Saturn: Rules, regulations, government, control systems, red tape, hardship, status, bones and hierarchy.
Pluto: Secrets and secret societies, collective assets like stocks and bonds, hidden functions of control, personal control issues, metamorphosis on an individual and collective level, the underworld or the human ID (subconscious drives) on an individual and collective level.

The bottom line with all of these areas of life in retrograde is that none of these things are what they seem. There is FAR, far more to the story than we are aware of. So do not take apparent information as true because there is more than meets the eye going on and those hidden pieces of information will change and emerge in the coming months (and years). This is a looooong set of cycles that over the next 30 years are going to test and reset most of what we all think we know and understand about – well, just about everything.

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