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New Moon March 6th at 0’ Pisces

DIVING INTO THE MYSTIC – and bringing back a crystal clear vision for the future. 0’ Pisces is yet another power degree of ending the old and bringing in the new. There are such massive shifts underway in the world at large that most people can’t even see them. If that sounds like an oxymoron – well it is. The two things we usually overlook the most are those that are right under our noses and those that are too big or too weird or too crazy to take seriously. The message here and now is to give some consideration to those things that don’t actually make sense in your current worldview.

Moon Phase Calendar
Moon Phase Calendar

This Moon is a massive cycle, not just because of the New Moon (which is the BEST time to set your intentions for the future by the way) but rather because of all the supporting planets involved and their long term cycles. Here they are:

First – Uranus moves into Taurus this time for good (after a test run last year) for the next 7 years. This is going to usher in massive changes to humanity and the things that are valued by humanity (including money). This is the classic sign of REVOLUTION. Imagine electricity (Uranus) slamming into an immovable object (Taurus) and you will have a slight idea of what I am talking about. Earthquakes an unpredictable weather of all stripes is highly likely. The psychic vision that I was given is that YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL park’s Volcano will go off and I see this happening sometime in the late spring or early summer of 2019 (between April and July). Uranus is also the public and all things technological that we use (cell phones, the internet, power grids, etc) so this does not bode well for the stability of these structures.

Second – Mercury will Retrograde just before the New Moon on the 5th at 29’ Pisces.  Retrogrades are nostalgic and always reference things that happened in the past but also every retrograde cycle starts with a pre-shadow. This pre-shadow started on Feb 25th when Mercury entered the 16th degree of Pisces, so whatever happened in the two weeks leading up to the New Moon is what the next 3 weeks of Retrograde will be spent dealing with.

Third – and the real reason that this is a LONG-LASTING and substantial cycle is that on this New Moon NEPTUNE is also walking into the 16th degree of Pisces and holding hands with Mercury. This means that the foundation that Mercury is pouring now will be built upon with dreams, ideals, mysticism and lasting love by Neptune as the watery Underlord covers these exact same degrees of Pisces (16-29) and CLOSES OUT a massive Pisces cycle in 2025 before moving into Aries.

The endings of the things that people believe are going to be as massive as Poseidon’s waves. Just a few of the things that the move of Neptune represents include:

  • religion vs mysticism/spirituality
  • appetite vs real nourishment
  • pharmaceuticals vs wholistic medicine
  • glitz and glamour vs real inner and outer beauty
  • lust and manipulation vs true love
  • processed vs raw food
  • deception vs inner truth/vision
  • trust in ‘leaders’ vs an inner compass
  • glitter vs real value (i.e.: fools gold vs real gold)
  • virtual reality vs actual reality
  • delusions vs mental clarity
  • fake money vs a real exchange of value

MEANWHILE: Chiron, planet of sudden success that comes from spiritual correctness and the union of couples who have soul-contract work to do together in this lifetime has just entered a GIANT new cycle by moving out of Pisces (remember that’s what everything I’ve been talking about is connected to) and into Aries. This move actually started on the previous Full Moon which took place at 0 Degrees of Virgo on Feb 19th. After the dreamy, mystical, escapist, and often self-deceptive energy of Pisces, this move into Aries demands hard-core ACTION and very little thought. Buckle your seatbelt because this is going to be a bumpy – and I mean rockin’ and rollin’ kinda knee-buckling, which way is the boat going? I hope I don’t throw up – kinda unpredictability.

ATTENTION:  “This is your tour guide speaking, please try to enjoy the ride. And keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times.”

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