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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces March 2019

March Mercury Retrograde – Incoming!!

MERCURY RETROGRADE March 6 = A review and a Fresh Start

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces March 2019
Mercury Retrograde in Pisces March 2019

Mercury turns Retro on March 6th at 29’39 Pisces continuing our theme of endings and new beginnings as he literally turns around in the last degree of the last sign of the Zodiac. Like the quarterback who steals the ball in the last minute of the final quarter of the game, he upsets the whole expected order of things. This is even more true because this takes place on the New Moon of the 6th also in Pisces (15′) which is closely followed by the Full Moon at 0′ Libra (yes another Zero degree) on March 21st.

Mercury Stats:
Enters the PreShadow on 2/20 at 16′ Pisces – shedding light on what we are going to be dealing with during Retro
Mercury turns Retrograde 3/6 at 29′ Pisces – causing a 3 week review of what is most important to us on a spiritual and emotional level and asking us to let go of things that no longer serve (old attitudes, habits, attachments, beliefs) and focus instead on what really fulfills us on the deepest levels.
Mercury turns Direct on 3/29 at 16′ Pisces – thereby ending the period of review.
Mercury Leaves the PostShadow on 4/17 at 29′ Pisces – leaving the whole Pisces cycle behind. The Post Cycle allows for rebuilding upon the fixed foundation of the previous two stages of the Retrograde.

Here is my video on Mercury Retrograde and how it really works:

In Pisces Mercury Retrograde is even MORE nostalgic than usual (if that’s possible). This ALSO takes place on the New Moon as I said before which is a power cycle for starting new things. This is also an EXCEPTIONALLY long-lived new cycle that is starting and will last 5-7 years at least, this is because NEPTUNE is also involved – also at 16′ Pisces and CHIRON has just crossed that important 0 degree into Aries into the newly unfolding cycle that Neptune will spend the next years catching up with. The word here is NEW. It is time for a NEW life, a NEW cycle based upon a firm foundation of what will truly bring you happiness and satisfaction on the deepest levels.

On the WORLDLY Level –  I expect this to be a very dramatic series of weeks upon the world stage, as we see things unravelling that may be several decades in the making. It is highly possible that we could see the (swift) dismantling of the Catholic Church (or any church) under this cycle. I personally can’t wait to see the Catholic Church reap what it has sowed and have justice’s Sword come down upon it’s head. This is a centuries old drama, but it is time.

On the personal level this is a time when people from the past re-emerge into our lives and we get to decide if we want to revisit (a new version) of the past or if we want to move on for good. This revolution of Chiron is so long that it actually can bring things back from as long as 50 years ago, and for some of us who remember – from several lifetimes and many millenia ago. So, whew, that’s quite a cycle for most of us to contend with. We are literally facing the ability to address and redraw the battle lines from previous generations. Please use this time to release yourself from negative karma, kill your demons and emerge as more of the YOU that you’ve always wanted to be.

Here’s what it means going through the Solar Chart for each sign. If you know your Ascendant, read that instead because it will be more accurate.

ARIES: A centuries old karmic completion. Anything you have been hiding from others – or especially from yourself – will break free into the light of day. This will create conditions for a sudden and abrupt healing, but could also result in a loss of things that have been attached to your secrets. Political secrets are now open for all to see, and there is no turning back.

TAURUS: What was once confused, obscured or drug-induced in your social circle suddenly becomes crystal clear to you. This releases you from any old unconscious programming or magnetic forces that have held you in bondage and kept happiness from you. As if the lights had suddenly been turned on, now you can see where the dirt in your house has been hiding and finally clear it out for good.

GEMINI: Unexpected upheaval and drama in your work environment leaves you suddenly out in the cold. You are usually the one who is ‘in the know’ but not this time. This time you are as confused as anyone else, perhaps more so. You have no idea who to confide in or where to get your intel which makes you feel lost at sea. Maybe it’s time for some Calamari?

CANCER: A crisis of faith in someone or something that you considered rock steady, leaves you spinning and unsure who or what to trust. It may help to remember that other people can never really be our source of supply. Truly spiritual souls go straight to spirit for their nourishment. It’s useful to look on any current disappointments as a reminder to put your energy back on your own connection with the divine.

LEO: Cat’s don’t like it when someone moves their Cheddar, so this might be a difficult cycle for you as you find the all important cheese becoming extra hard to locate. Some of you may even become indignant and angry. I don’t exactly blame you, but I DO think this serves as an education in not letting the mouse have the key to the Cheese cellar in the future. The moral of the story: Don’t trust the stinkin’ mice with your Cheese.

VIRGO: Just the instant you think you have a handle on your relationship and partnership issues, things change again and new info comes to light. A golden ray of sunshine is piercing the fog that has shrouded your heart and kept it firmly shut to love. Scrooge would be very upset. But you? Will you let that sunshine in? Will you let your heart bloom and feel the joy of a new day? Only you can say.

LIBRA: Something (or things) that you do every day needs to change. Problems during this cycle will be the catalyst for this change and can also release you from a form of bondage that has been keeping a large portion of your life-force trapped. If you have a habit, relationship or routine that is destructive to you, then now is the perfect time to wave ‘bye-bye’ as you watch it recede in the rear view mirror.

SCORPIO: Art, children and altered states of consciousness are suddenly opening up new vistas of revelation to you. Is your child secretly Picasso? Are you? Let all the muses into your life for one last visit before you run off on the wild fast-action adventure that calls you forward into April and beyond. Your focus will move away from self expression and into your health and routines.

SAGITTARIUS: Homelife is messy and unstructured until you suddenly get possessed by the impulse to make sense out of all of it. Perhaps it is time to open up your living room as a community Zumba class, or other gathering event that you are enthusiastic about. You could even be organizing a political rally (Yellow Vest anyone?). Wild strong personalities hold you enthralled now. For you the focus is shifting from home to children and new creative fires.

CAPRICORN: You may find your entire style of communicating changes over this coming Month. What was once unclear or hazy is now something that you would just as soon yell from the roof tops. You tongue is as sharp as your mind now, so be sure to keep a pencil sharpener handy and some chewing gum. The transition for you moves away from words and into your 4th house of home and heart.

AQUARIUS: Well it seems appropriate that as your ruling planet Uranus moves into Taurus the Mercury Retro will take place in your equivalent 2nd house of possessions. Combined you are being asked to rethink your idea of what you own, and how (or if?) you own it. What is ownership anyway? We had a whole revolution in this country over that exact idea. I like to think I own myself, but that’s just me.

PISCES: Do you know who you really are? This would be a very good time to do that kind of soul searching and find the answers to that question. It will lead to your prosperity and getting really truly grounded in your body – perhaps for the fist time in your life. It is time to let go of the old and false masks that you have worn and reveal your authentic self to yourself and the rest of the world.

Always on your side in fighting the darkness,


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