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Lunar Eclipse Aftermath
Weekly Horoscope May 16 - 22

The effect of the solar eclipse was only a small part of what was going on. Orange County, California, is on fire. The dew is directed at Orange County and blows people’s homes from the inside, trees are left alone, cars and car tires melt. That’s not possible in a real fire. All of this happened four or five years ago in Northern California. It’s happened all over the country. That could explain, of course, how all these mysterious fires in food processing plants in the United States could happen. We have a big vote where the World Economic Forum gets the right to declare a pandemic in the world. The eclipse basically messed everything up and destabilized us a lot – stock markets crashed, cryptocurrencies crashed, cryptocurrencies basically had a banking collapse with Luna. That’s a lot what happened in just two weeks. These was the critical zone of the eclipse.

The next two weeks we´ll have the aftermath so we´re not done. We´ll hear more details of what´s actually been happening. We´ll be hearing more reports of how expensive gas is, how food isn´t being shipped to supermarkets. The aftermath the churn that happens after the events can be worse than the events themselves. Be prepared for this!

But what´s going on astrologically? The chart shows us a lot of planets around 25 to 28 degree zone so there´s a lot of synergy, a lot of possibilities to pull off coordinated actions. We have some big opportunities for tranformations and also taking actions that make positive changes. Mercury is retrograde until june 2nd and this week it backs out of Gemini and back into Taurus. We move out of communication hassles and into issues around our resources and organizing our stuff.

Mercury will also unite with the Sun at the end of this week. It is about announcements, rules and new information. Also, the Sun crosses the nodes in the chart, which was already the case last week. This aspect urges people to be more practical and organized in their daily lives. We also have a lot of impulses and a lot of support around us. Because of the Sun and Pluto, actual changes may occur this week. Some people will become more aware of what is happening around them.

When the Sun crosses the nodes this week, it puts the focus exactly where it belongs, on your physical resources. Organize them and use them strategically! Mars is also conjunct Neptune this week and will be conjunct Jupiter next week. So we will see a focus on long-term action. People taking long term action and doing the things they need to do to get supplies. It’s a perfect time to get your hands on all kinds of seeds. So this is a real opportunity to be prepared!

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The Crypto Astrology is week,  we discuss the current Astrology Aspects that we all experience including Mercury, Venus, Mars, The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Chiron. This way we get a good overview of what we are all feeling in the coming week. This shows what kind of world events are going to take place.

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