Cazimi Cazami Double Whammy — Mercury (Retro) Cazimi and The Full Moon March 19 at 0’ Libra

Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces (read my previous post on that here) helping to bring in a massive cycle of endings, especially for things that have an unbalanced duality to them. Most people are familiar with the famous twin personalities of Gemini, but actually ALL FOUR Mutable signs are dual natured. These signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. But during this cycle the dualities are not limited to those four signs. All signs are feeling the overwhelming tug of the SUPER MOON (Super because it’s extra close therefore extra strong).

The Moon is traditionally associated with intense emotions and insanity as well as filled to capacity ER rooms and extra bleeding. The Moon is also associated with feelings, the subconscious and all things connected women, birth and the cycles of life. The Full Moon also causes more pregnant women to go into labor.

A personal story: ALMOST THE INSTANT  I started writing this post I had a quick and disturbing confrontation with mental illness. Real, bona fide, unmedicated mental disturbance of the kind that we usually associate with people pushing shopping carts and yelling at themselves. I had literally only written a few sentences when someone I knew came up to me, started a pleasant enough conversation and suddenly started threatening to shoot himself. Then he escalated it to getting a gun then and there and shooting himself in front of my son and I. He went into graphic detail (which I will spare you).

I immediately packed up my son and got the heck away from this man. It shook me up pretty badly actually and I spent a couple of hours in shock before being able to decompress by talking it through with someone. My reaction was really intense, my ears started ringing and I found myself disassociating (leaving my body) and having a superconsciousness moment. In this state I was able to see and unravel some past life karma over the couple of hours that it lasted. What I saw involved some kind of a curse, some dead animal parts and black magic. Since I saw what was being done, I simply UNDID it.

Slowly I came back to my body and back to normal, had some lunch and everything was fine. It was then that I was able to put a few more pieces of what had just transpired together and recognize that the TIMING of this was no accident. Yes the Astrology I just mentioned was involved, but what is more relevant is that not 12 hours earlier I had picked up two special coins for the purpose of making molds for Orgonite pendants. The coins were of the powerful Goddess Nefertiti and Archangel Micheal. True story. 

I have been getting psychic downloads about narcissists and their behavior and the Demonic nature of it and being guided to make these Orgonite tools. I have seen a narcissist possessed by a demon myself and I knew it to be a real issue. This man had a demon, I have no doubt, and this confrontation was both confirmation for me to make these talisman and also a quick and painful push into a realm where I was able to do some deep shamanic healing for myself. THIS IS WHAT IS POSSIBLE WITH CAZIMI.

WHAT THE HECK IS CAZIMI? Ok, back to Astrology, Cazimi is when a planet is within a .7 degree orb of the Sun – extremely close. Prior to that it gets into what is called Combust when it is inside of 3’ of the Sun. These are two very different influences. Combust makes the planet not work in the normal way – some say it doesn’t work very well actually because it is so overshadowed by the Sun (not unlike Retrograde). Mercury combust the Sun is a classic performers degree, maybe because performers (actors, musicians) often learn about themselves by taking on an art form for expression. I know this is true for me – and I have a Sun Mercury combust and was an Actress for years. I am also very dyslexic but nobody would ever know it because as a little girl it was completely unacceptable for me to have any problem with learning at all, so I just overcompensated. And I disassociated. Personally, I think that combust is related to dissociation, altered states and amplification. MERCURY IS COMBUST THE SUN from today March 13 through March 16.

By contrast Cazimi is when the planet is SO CLOSE to the Sun that they fuse together and become one extra powerful influence. It is an almost MAGICAL time to use for starting things associated with those two planets. It is very powerful and can lead to massive breakthroughs and long lasting success. In this particular Pisces Retrograde incarnation it is best used for spiritual pursuits and deepening any sense of higher calling you have. MERCURY WILL BE IN CAZIMI to the Sun on THURSDAY the 14th in the late afternoon/early evening in the US. This gives us all a good solid 5 or 6 hours for deep profound insights. MEDITATION is highly recommended. I recently found this amazing Buddhists mantra that I have been listening to, you might like it too:

AND FINALLY – as if I haven’t already given you more than enough to think about – the Full Super Moon makes YET ANOTHER 0’ activation. This time it is on one of the sacred planetary axis Cardinal degrees. Each of these degrees (Winter – Capricorn, Spring – Aries, Summer – Cancer and Fall – Libra) has a special influence and role in human affairs. It is an important subject and I could write a book on it, which is why I will leave it alone for now. Just know that it is massively important! This activation is at 0’ Libra which is the sign of partnership and balance. It is also conjunct the galactic center which is the pulse and heartbeat of our Galaxy. The significance of this is divine partnership between the masculine and feminine principles of existence.

And yes, this does mean the activation of twin souls and soul mates because now is the pre-ordained time for this wave of them to come together and start to do their work upon this planet for the awakening. These pairs of souls have a job to do and this is the clarion call to them to step up their game and start doing it. Many people have dreams and fantasies of how fabulous the twin flame or soulmate journey should be – but this is far from reality. The reality is that these are souls that have to get their hands dirty and do some serious work in this lifetime. It is not for the faint of heart. And it is also exceedingly rare. I have only ever seen one pair that I am aware of.

But it does’t matter because the principle works for all of us anyway. We can all work on inner balance and harmony between our masculine and feminine sides. Generally for almost everyone in the western world this means making time for meditation, calm, peace, beauty and sensuality because that is the feminine principle and western culture is notoriously hostile to those necessary aspects of humanity.

Besides if you are here on a Twin journey you can’t stop it, nor can you force it. You could try to shut it off, but that’s like trying to cut of an arm. Not really such a great idea. Just know that if you have a calling a mission and a purpose in this lifetime then the only path to true joy for you is by following that mission and deepening it as much as you possibly can, weather alone or as part of a pair.

Bon Voyage, enjoy your trip to yourself.


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