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Market Update – May 4 – Clarification


I just want to clarify what the next moves are that are coming in the market and in WHAT ORDER they are going to happen. Yes the overall crash is coming but the timing for it was pushed out a bit further than I previously thought. Exactly during my window of bad Astrology aspects we DID get a very large 40% market correction on BTC and around a 50% correction (or more) on many Altcoins. This is a normal market pattern, which is why I recommend that you all go out and learn some basics of Technical Analysis so that you understand why these are normal moves. Having said that, here is what I am expecting next:

  1. The Market is going to go up to about $63k for BTC – this is the NEAR TERM PREDICTION for the next few days – or a week, during this time many alts will pullback
  2. Then most alts will ‘grow’ up to their next higher level (a near term peak but NOT the full altrun). Probably these next peaks will be close to the TA targets I posted a few weeks ago in the Market Update.
  3. BTC will drop again down to the $49-$50k range.
  4. SOME TIME AFTER THIS – BTC will go up to the $69k – $70k PEAK level. There may be some other market moves FIRST before this happens
  5. The completion of the market PEAK requires the following things to happen A) BTC gets to this $69k – $70k level (It is possible that it can go HIGHER). B) The full ALT season will not happen until AFTER this happens. The CRASH will not happen until after this happens.

I do not usually go into this much detail because it can confuse people who do not have the timing report, and who do not have an education in Technical Analysis and my goal here is to give signals that MINIMIZE confusion, not to increase it.

TRADE CAUTIOUSLY: I am not recommending anyone trade these next moves — UNLESS YOU ARE CONFIDENT IN YOUR SKILLS and know what you are doing. OR you are willing to risk a small amount of money learning how to do some basic trading. This is up to you.

Please be sure to read all the posts and watch all the videos in the Crypto 101 section so that you have a basic understanding of how to safely navigate this market.


May 3 THIS WEEKS HOROSCOPE; The calm Before the STORM! (YouTube is giving me trouble again today, check back for the video and be sure to subscribe to my channel: Aura Wright Media)

THE MARKET THIS WEEK – Can go up or sideways. This is not going to be a market peak week, but if you are good at trading you can definitely find some great coins that will make great moves this week. BTC may go as high as $63k this week, but it’s not likely to go higher. When BTC pauses or moves down a bit then alts will continue to swell in prices/

ALTS – are going to get some really good gains this week. It is kind of like a slow, steady growth when we look at the whole market overall. The whole alt market is swelling in value and this is, of course good for an overall portfolio that is spread across a number of good coins (my recommendation is at least 15 up to maybe about 30 or so). And there will be a few that stand out and make really great moves. As always there are going to be coins we haven’t heard of that skyrocket and then drop. Here are a few that I expect can do very well this week:

DOGE – Back up over $0.40 cents this morning after giving us a GREAT trade opportunity last week, can go up to $1.00 this week very easily.

DGB – can push the $0.25-$.30 cent range in it’s next big swell in value – this may or may not happen this week. My first DGB target is still over $60 cents. Then $1, $2 and $3

ETN – Shot up 25% this morning to the $0.026 cent level. It is just getting warmed up and can easily jump to $0.04 and then $0.06 cents. (THIS IS A SHORT TERM TARGET).

BCH – although I do NOT see the best moves of the whole market happening on BCH during the coming run, we could very well see it go up to the $1,450 – $2k range the next week or two. Once it breaks past $2k then $4k is next.


Below targets are from 3 weeks ago and I recommend checking the previous two weeks of market updates if you have not seen them just to be sure you are up to date on everything. I do sometimes carry info forward from previous weeks if it is still relevant, but not always. So it’s a good idea to make sure you know what’s been said in the previous few weeks. Also the APRIL MEMBER CALLS have a ton of relevant info for where the market is going next.

I will be announcing times for THE MAY MEMBER CALLS in the next few days.

**PLEASE NOTE in reference to the 3 psychic coin target videos that I just did. I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying or trading a lot of them. You need to be able to manage what you are doing. So I would recommend find 5-10 that you really love. If you have a LOT of time to devote to trading then maybe trade 11-15 of them total. Do not overdo it! It’s going to be very hard to manage when everything is going off like popcorn, so you can set yourself up for success with a smaller more manageable basket.

DGB – Sits at around $0.085 now but recently bounced off of $0.10 cents. It will blow through that level soon, but we can still get a bit of a pullback to the $0.06-$0.07 cent range first.

TRX – After a small pullback has made a very nice move up to $0.12. I expect TRX to pullback a little bit before we rise up to at least $0.20-$0.25 cent range. $0.40 is next, but higher targets are expected.

DOGE – Currently at around $0.06 cents. IT DID MAKE A MASSIVE SPIKE ABOUT A MONTH AGO and it went up 1,000 percent in about 24 hours on news of Elon Musk adopting it. Doge will continue to rise. I have been recommending it since mid 2020. My buy in target of $0.052 was hit and it is still possible to buy it in the $0.050-$0.052 range before it blows through the $0.10 recent high.

XLM – At around $0.49 cents after spiking up to $0.57 cents. It can pull back to around $0.46 before it makes another big upward move.

XRP – Spiked up to $1.10- and is now at $1.03 – it’s not done going up. To refresh everyone on the XRP strategy: I expect XRP to go up to $3.30-$4.00 on the current run/spike/peak of the market before the crash. Then XRP will go way down like everything else. To review the full strategy: search this site for my XRP strategy video, which goes over the strategy in great detail. It is up to you what percentage you want to take out at this level. But there will be a very good buy-back opportunity coming.

My bigger, longer term XRP strategy is to sell nearly all of it at $8.00-$9.50 even though I do expect it to go higher than that. The reasons for selling it at that level are fully explained in the XRP strategy video.

ETN – is starting to make some good moves but this is nothing compared to what is coming on this coin. I personally may take some of this out on the market peak to buy back more, but I won’t risk very much of it.

RDD – is also showing signs that it’s market is warming up. Long term first target is $0.22




BTC – Is getting ready to make a big move up. Below are the alt targets for the Alt Run that is coming

BELOW INFO IS REPEATED FROM LAST WEEK BUT STILL RELEVANT: Here is the list of coins I was asked about for the All Member Call:

ALT RUN – A lot of these prices depend on how much time we have for the Alt Season to go off before we get the BIG MARKET CRASH. This is why everything needs to be watched carefully as we get further into April.

RDD – Target high for this coin is $0.19-$0.22. I will update during the Alt run to see if we are going to get there now or if it will happen later.
HYDRO – The target I get for this coin is $0.05 cents. Again, I will update during alt season to see if we are getting there now or not.
REEF – Maybe $0.08 cents then $0.12 and then $0.20 – I would not hold this coin past the next Alt Run.
SOUL – I would sell out of most of this at $0.09 or $0.10 cents, then sell the rest if it gets higher – I would not hold this coin past the next Alt Run.
PUNDIX – $0.07 cents and then $0.14 – long term this coin will be over $2.00
BCH – Not expected to do much in the alt run. Maybe it will get to $1500 or $2000. BCH will come down below $18 on the crash, so there will be huge buy-back opportunities there.
KAI – A fantastic coin, long term this will be a fantastic coin. I would not buy it now, but I would put it on the list to buy on the crash
VET – $0.17 then $0.23 – long term over $5
BITCOIN CURCIUT – I can’t find any listed info on this coin. I don’t recommend it.
PPAY – I expect it to go well over $1.00 on the Alt Run, probably as high as $4.40. First target of $0.44 cents is probably not going to be the best place to sell. But we will see how much time we have in the alt run.
KICK – Ugh, one of the bad advice coins from the past. But not dead and there is a chance to get money out of it on this Alt Run. Target $0.01 and then $0.03 – but maybe keep a little of it in case it goes higher before the crash. Then I would get out of this coin, the whole ecosystem and plan behind it is too complex and it isn’t going to really work.
ADEL – $0.28 and $0.37. I would sell it all on this alt run, and then if I still really wanted it, I would buy a small amount back on the crash. I am not sure this coin will make it past the crash, but if it does it will do very well.
ZIL – $.49 and $1.19
VRA – $0.05 and then $0.07
BLANK – I suggest that is a much better project. It’s coin is called ARRR. If you have BLANK sell targets would be $2.49 and $4.98. I am not sure it will make it past the crash.

Below is from Last week:

DGB – Has started to inch upward and is holding at over $0.07 cents. It is getting ready to make a rocketship move UP. My revised DGB targets are first $0.66 cents and then $0.99, $1.99 and $2.99. I cannot be sure we will get these highest prices NOW. We will see better once alts start to pop. But I would not sell any DGB in the $0.20 cent range anymore. I would wait.

XRP is most likely to make the $3.30-$4 range for the current ALT PEAK that is coming before we drop. The higher $8-$9.50 levels are later.

INTERNATIONALIZATION VIDEO FROM ANARCHAPULCO: Here’s some great info for all of you! If you can;t watch it’s because YouTube is processing it still so check back a little later. I just didn’t want to wait to post the update for you.


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  1. secretcrypto21

    BTC did not drop 40% from 64000..

  2. Third Eye Focus

    Sorry, I see that it depends on how the difference between 65k and 47k is calculated. It is 38% or 28% depending on how it is done.

  3. Third Eye Focus

    65k down to 47k was a 28% BTC correction, not 40%. It does not exactly fill me with confidence that you keep repeating an obviously false number.

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