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ECLIPSE Update May 25 – BIG NEWS

MAY 25 – NEWS; Today the following things are going on, starting with a massive international lawsuit against the perpetrators of the CoVid pandemic:

And ACTUAL REAL THREATS OF VIOLENCE against the Danish Government, weather credible or not, it shows just how strong the pushback against the current status quo really is. This is the theme of a book callled, “The Fourth Turning” and it refers to what happens when an entire population realizes that they are being misused by their leaders and turn against them. This is happening now:

Danish Resistance movement (

Also, by the CDC’s own statistics on their own website 60% of Americans are refusing the jab. So the vaxxers are actually the minority here.

And then there is the instability in Israel and the Middle East that I show as bring a VERY REAL threat of war. War would INSTANTLY drop all markets.

It kind of goes without saying that things are extremely unstable at the moment. This is the entire nature of Eclipses and this is only the first one, the second one happens in two weeks. Please also remember that the theme of this eclipse is MORALITY and ETHICS. Is it ethical to give children an experimental gene therapy injection that will effect them for the rest of their lives without parental consent? Not in my book, but it is happening in Canada and they are laying the foundation for it in many states in the US as well as other countries.

What does this mean for CRYPTO – It means anything can happen, we are in a wild-card zone. I show extreme volatility coming next. The TA people are saying that BTC must go up over $45-$46k and stay there in order for us to be BULLISH and if we do not go up to that level then we are going DOWN more. I expect we can jump to that level tonight/tomorrow, followed by a big drop – but I don’t know how low that drop will go. After that, the levels really depend on what BTC does in the next few days.

In strictly Technical terms, the market is currently flirting with the 200 day Moving Average and technical analysts will be very nervous until it gets ABOVE it and stays there (the $45-$46k level). In my view, the next few weeks will not unfold in a neat Technical way and could be very nerve wracking.

DETACHED FROM REALITY – The markets have been completely detached from reality for at least a year, but this cannot go on forever. HOWEVER, please be aware that there was $1 Trillion Tether just printed. So we will go up again from where we are now. My own strategy at the moment is not to buy or sell anything until the market makes another move.


May 24 – The Market Makes a U-Turn and a fast recovery is on it’s way.

BTC is heading higher and so are all the alts. Some of us may have already made a good profit on coins purchased yesterday – like DGB which is up about 30% overnight. But we are not out of the woods yet, the market has not made what is called a ‘full recovery’ so you will see a lot of YouTube panic out there where they are saying that BTC is still below the 200 day moving average (and it is) which means that it is BEARISH for the market overall. This is what most technical traders will say about the market. But it isn’t going to fully crash. The market is not ready to fall completely – not yet. We still have to go up to our final peak BEFORE we get our crash.

CROWDCAST REPLAY: Be sure to watch the All Members Crowdcast I did on Saturday to get the full picture. The replay is HERE: The links for the April price predictions calls are posted at the end of the comments in all 3 May calls.

++As always if you can’t get in and need to be registered please drop a comment below or send Geric a message on Telegram @jhongeric and he will get you registered.

XPRT (Persistence) dropped down into the $7 range which was the target I gave on the member calls when I was asked about it. It was in the high $7 range and yesterday I pointed to it as a good buy price at around $8.43 in the market update.

INTERNATIONALIZATION VIDEO FROM ANARCHAPULCO: Here’s some great info for all of you! If you can;t watch it’s because YouTube is processing it still so check back a little later. I just didn’t want to wait to post the update for you.




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