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March Full Moon

Market Update – June 21-27

BIG CHANGES – This week’s Horoscope:

BTC – is hovering sideways and dangerously close to it’s breakdown zone. HOWEVER, we only have a few more days of this market mush to live through before we get a push upwards. The issue right now is IF we are going to really break down first or not.

Here’s what I see psychically: The market is not going to break down in any kind of BIG way this week. But I do see a fast drop before we go upward. This might just be the insiders creating a quick manipulation in order to take out the stop-losses.

You should be aware by now that there are a large number of stop losses below the recent drop level we just had at $29-$30k. This is because most traders have put in stop losses to protect themselves in case the market breaks down further. If we don’t drop NOW then we aren’t getting another leg down, and I see it as very unlikely that we get that drop in the next day or two. But I do see a drop at the end of the week followed by a quick move upward. This quick drop could even go below the $29k level where all the stop losses are and then bounce back up immediately. So be very aware and careful if you DO have stop losses placed. I personally have taken them off and I don’t have any in place now. Instead I am looking for what I might buy on the drop.

ATLS: Things like ARR, VERI, Tfuel, ADA DOGE and PPAY are looking very good now to pick up on a market drop. I expect a very good upward move to follow this so I would feel good about buying now.

THE BIG CRASH!?? As for the BIG market crash, I recently updated my VIP’s that this is not going to happen now, not this summer and that we are going to have a very big wave up in the market – beyond the $64k high – in the coming months. This does not mean that the crash is not coming because it is. It just means we are going to have great profits first. This is a gift to us and will put us all in a great position by the end of this year.

**Please remember I provide information not advice. Whatever trades you make are your own. Crypto is an inherently volatile and difficult market to trade, so please make sure to educate yourself on trading principles and how to use a stop-loss to protect your assets.

Always Be Prepared – is more relevant now than ever. The market is likely to hand us some great opportunities if we are prepared for them!

INTERNATIONALIZATION VIDEO FROM ANARCHAPULCO: Here’s some great info for all of you!


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