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Market Update Horoscope – Aug 15 – Getting ready for the real LIFTOFF

This Weeks Horoscope:

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BTC – This is likely to be a very volatile week, but overall we are pushing higher in the market even if we do manage to drop some this week. This can be our last drop before we really start to run up – or maybe not. We might actually not get much of a drop. There are a lot of conflicting signals in the market right now and we have the possibility of either direction now. But any drops we get are likely to be pretty fast wicks down for last chance buy opportunities. I am not planning to trade this peak of BTC, but if you want to then know that our first peak level for BTC is going to be in the $33k-$35k range. $33k is a safer level but we can also have a fast wick up to $35k due to market enthusiasm.

ALTS – The pump and dump action this week will especially effect ALTs with many of them making huge moves in both directions. I am reposting the low buy in prices from last week just in case we still get another drop opportunity on these great coins. It won’t be long before we are far past these levels and will not see them again until after we get our good, much higher price spikes all over the market. This may represent our last chance to buy these if we did not get them over these past few weeks.

Here are a few lower target buy-in prices for coins — these may have changed from previous weeks as the market is now pushing a bit higher:
XYO – $0.0089 maybe as low as $0.0069
XRP – $0.36 maybe as low as $0.35
SHIB in the $0.0000115 maybe as low as $0.00001072
XPRT – $0.75 maybe as low as $0.72
DGB – $0.011 maybe as low as $0.0109
ADA – $0..46 maybe as low as $0.42
XYO – $0.0089 (may not come back down because it has already started breaking out)
XEC – $0.000042 maybe as low as $0.000039

Please remember these volatile market manipulations are designed to scare you and to shake the ‘weak hands’ out of the market. It is those of us who have a strong stomach and ability to roll with these changes and take advantage of them who will succeed and prosper as the volatility continues.

From previous weeks and still relevant:

My much deeper low price for SHIB is back on the table at $0.0000035 (yes that is 5 zeros, this is not a typo). This is the low target I published for SHIB last summer/fall. I was WAY too early with it, but it will materialize in this time range when the market finishes it’s deepest NEAR TERM low. There will be lower lows in the market later on but not before we get several profit taking opportunities.

SILVER & GOLD – Silver is currently under $22 and Gold under $1,800 both will drop lower but now is still a great time to buy them. My target for Silver is still $18. But if it doesn’t drop in the next week or so then it won’t in the near term outlook. I also really like Copper, here’s a really cool 5 oz Copper Aztec Calendar. I haven’t bought from this source before, but I’m getting some of these. Copper is the metal of Venus which represents value (including coins, art and other moveable wealth).

BTC, ETH and BNB are the safest coins to get good growth from this month, and these are the ones I’ve been buying. We may also do well with some of the other Bitcoins, like BNB, BCH and BCHABC – all of which are in a LOW of their overall growth cycle and would be good medium to long-term buys right now, with a probable short term trade opportunity as well. However, they can all go down a bit more later as well, so don’t expect this to be the ABSOLUTE LOWEST you can get them at. There are other coins that will do well SHORT TERM as discussed in the PRO and VIP calls.

HEX – I was sent some information about a report on HEX that was done on the BoomBust blog by Reggie Middleton which compared HEX to the structure of a ponzi scheme and delineated the similarities. It was also pointed out that they were NOT saying it was a PONZI, just that it has a similar structure. I think this is VALID insight and this is why my recommendation was only for 6 months to hold this coin – if you like it. But my main point for all of you to also understand about Crypto is that 95% of ALL COINS will go BUST in the next 2-3 years. There will only be a few gems that survive what is coming to the markets. In the meantime it is ok to risk some capital on high risk, high reward opportunities. I guarantee that a lot of peoples favorite coins will go caput even worse than any ponzi scheme. I do not actually think HEX will turn out like a ponzi scheme but the value can very much get lost in the market crash in the LONG TERM. So the takeaway here is to be careful about everything and to make sure you have a well diversified portfolio and NEVER PUT LARGE PERCENTAGES OF YOUR PORTFOLIO into risky projects. HEX is something for 1%-3% in my mind. I would not put anything more than that into it. It is also down to $0.11 cents and my lower target of $0.08-$0.10 cents is still going to materialize. For more info on HEX here are the two posts I did on it: