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Market Update

Market Update – Aug 9-15 – TARGET HIT

August 13 Update – My BTC target of $48k was hit a few days ago. It may or may not make one more wave up into the $49k-$52k range but I am not counting on it. I know I posted earlier this week that I did not necessarily expect this to be a great trading peak, but I have gotten more psychic info which has made me look at this as a really good opportunity to make some gains when the market pulls back. I received more info from my guides that the market is not going to go smoothly upwards. We will get some more INTERUM low buy in places. As I have been saying for a while, our big market CRASH is not going to happen in the next few months. But it will happen.

ALTS – What is happening now is that ALTS are making a smaller market wave up and this can be a very good place to take some profits on ALTS if you bought these on the recent market lows. For example, I bought some ETH a few weeks ago when it was at $1800. I just sold it at $3200 – which is where it is now today – so that I can buy it back later.

I DO expect a decent market pullback in the coming weeks. My buy back target on ETH is $1600-$1800. Many other alts are in a similar position and if you did not get your good profits at the market high in April when BTC hit $64k then now we have a second chance to so so. I am only trading a percentage, but I have some coins, like VET where I am in a 10x on my buy in price. So I am taking some money out. The market is going to go down to lower levels and I know there will be another REALLY GOOD buy back opportunity. But essentially I feel this move up is something of a BULL TRAP. But that also means it is a chance to make some great swing trades. **Please NOTE that we WILL get a few smaller up and down moves before we get to a good lower buy back level.

THE NAUGHTY LIST: Coins that aren’t going to make good moves up RIGHT NOW. These are good to watch because they might make some good lows for buy in or buy back opportunities: Theta, Tfuel, Tezos, BSV (if you like it), NEO, TRX, ETC, XLM, EOS, Shibu, ARRR, PPT, VERI

THE NICE LIST: Some coins that might be good to take some profit on now: ADA, ETH, BCH, BNB, LTC, XRP (if you bought it cheap), VET, CRO, LINK, LTC

THIS WEEKS HOROSCOPE: (may still be processing – make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel to get notified) Shaky Ground!

BTC – Is going to get a bit of a drop and then it will move up again this week. I don’t know if it will get to that $48-$52k target yet though. This is just the next good level we will see in the market. But there is still more volatility coming before things fully take off and grow like BAMBOO! But that is coming and those moves aren’t going to be too far away.

ALTS – There will be some good action in alts this week for those that trade them. The most growth this week is going to come from the ‘Bue Chip’ cryptos though – like BCH, ETH. LTC, ADA – mainly the old faithful coins that have been around the longest. These will see the best growth this week, just like they did last week where ETH was the overall winner for the week.

FROM YESTERDAYS UPDATE: Aug 7 UPDATE – I have put up a video on Bitchute discussing things I cannot say on YouTube about the PCR test and why they are suddenly saying it doesn’t work after 18 months of REQUIRING them. Another reason they are suddenly against them that I don’t address in the video is because the evidence is coming out about the EO (Ethalyn Oxide) Carcinogen that is all over them. Here is the Video and please share it with others, people really need to know this stuff:

PCR Tests are BAD now – WHY the Flip-Flop?? (

BTC – has made it to a significantly higher level as expected and I see it going up to $48-$52k before we get a bit of a correction. Again, this is not necessarily a level I would want to trade, but each of you is different and you know what strategy is best for you. A few days ago I was finally given more information on the market from my guides: There will still be some more significant UP and DOWN levels before BTC breaks out into it’s 5th and final extension. This is why I don’t necessarily see this as a time where it is NECESSARY to trade, but it is a POSSIBLE time to do so.

THE FOREST vs THE TREES – overall I hope you all realize that I am a ‘see the forest’ kind of person and then I put in a great deal of effort towards getting more specific and giving you more info about the TREES. Most people are ‘see the tree’ kinds of people, like my Son. Seeing only the TREES can be a problem when investing in crypto because that can cause us to lose track of the bigger picture. The main thing is to understand and know yourself so you know if you have a tendency to get lost in the trees and weeds vs seeing things on such a big picture that you might lose track of where your feet are along the path you are following. Both ways of seeing things have a downside and those of you who are Forest people like me, might have more trouble taking profits and making trades when it would be better for you to do so, while the Tree people can get so lost in what is happening this week may tend to over trade the market and can make small moves that may last a few weeks too important and can’t let go of a market move that is small and insignificant-in-the-larger-picture of being a crypto investor. Again this is why I am consistently making the point that your #1 skill to succeed in crypto is to manage your money.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL – But, it’s even more important to know yourself and understand your own strengths and weaknesses. This is literally the bedrock of being stronger and more effective everywhere in your life. Not just crypto.

ALTS – some are starting to see nice almost recovery levels, so everything is getting better in that arena. But once again, we are not near a top nor are we near a bottom. So I am holding my cash for a better pull-back, buy-in level and expect to see some good moves happening in this arena, but we are NOT in a ‘one direction’ kind of market yet. So be ready for that. I’m just speaking psychologically because this is the area that takes more people out of the game than anything else.

My Trading Rule: When things are not clear in mind, body and soul – do nothing.

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**Please remember I provide information not advice. Whatever trades you make are your own. Crypto is an inherently volatile and difficult market to trade, so please make sure to educate yourself on trading principles and how to use a stop-loss to protect your assets.

Always Be Prepared – is more relevant now than ever. The market is likely to hand us some great opportunities if we are prepared for them!

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