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How to Trade Crypto: The BEST Trading Lesson I’ve Ever Seen

This guy, John Howell, is a seasoned trader, he talks about the market and how it moves. He is not talking specifically about how to trade crypto but this info is universal. The first half of the video is his take on what is going on in Silver and Gold (as of today Sept 17, 2019) and the Dow Jones right now. That’s fine.

But the second half of the video is priceless information about HOW TO TRADE – it is his take on how traders mess themselves up. If you want to trade, then learn what you are doing, do it safely and carefully and only in very small amounts like he describes above. I love his incremental trade strategy, it is very smart. I believe this is how to trade crypto and succeed.
And he makes the important point that your top priority is always capital preservation. This is the point of my Crypto Trading Report – to find the good entry and exit points in the market in order to protect your capital from the extremes that happen in crypto. The first year I was in crypto I took out my entire initial investment and was still left with far more than I started with. I liked doing it this way because I had protected myself no matter what. A sane and balanced strategy will do far, far better in the long run. Always.
NEVER try to get rich on one trade, this is how to trade cypto!
You can’t go wrong in crypto if you just buy and hold the right coins. It may take longer than you want to get where you want to be, but it is a solid strategy. However even in this strategy you need to know when is a good time to take your profits and when to actually sell out of a coin.



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