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Bitcoin Adoption is coming

Bitcoin Adoption; The Plan is Unfolding
Bitcoin will soon be everywhere - and so will greater and greater control measures

Bitcoin adoption is coming – but not the way you wish it would. In the coming weeks and months we are getting much more DRACONIAN control legislation and regulation over crytpo. Along with this we get ADOPTION and more and more control. This is why we want our crypto in our own wallet which we have full control over.

Here’s a story about the upcoming mass adoption of BITCOIN PURCHASE – oh, and also PayPal has announced plans to start making BTC available to customers soon as well.

Beyond these two HUGE pieces of news, we also have the DTCC getting into the game and start PROCESSING DIGITAL ASSETS, which is just code for more adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Please remember that these official channels into BTC are not designed for your individual benefit, they are designed with a centralized control mechanism in place, which means they could just turn off your wallet and control YOUR assets at any time and without warning.

For now we still have ways to maintain control over our own resources – which in my opinion is how it should always be. But if the powers that be have their way then they will have control over every tiny aspect of your life.

Please be prepared because there are more big public events coming that are designed to fracture our social contract and scare people to death. We are also getting ready for another leg down in the Stock Markets AND crypto. Yes, Crypto and BTC adoption is coming – just not without a heavy dose of manipulation along the way. Traders Beware.

When it comes to Bitcoin Adoption, I entered the space myself in 2016 because my crossed over Great Uncle Abba Lerner was jumping up and down and yelling to get my attention. So I had to. In case you don’t know, My great Uncle was one of the most famous economists in the world when he was alive and his book, “Flation” is taught today in Ivy league economics courses, like Princeton and Harvard. He is credited with creating part of the Math formula that is currently being used by the FED today. He is very upset about this, let me tell you. HIs entire purpose in life was to help normal everyday people. Having his life’s work used to control and manipulate the masses has him literally rolling over in his grave.

Here is his Wikipedia Page: Abba Lerner – but, true to form Wikipedia has added a heavy amount of manipulation and spin to his bio by calling him a SOCIALIST. He was not a socialist. He studied under Maynard Keynes – the father of the Keynesian economics system we are suffering from today. Keynesian Economics IS Socialist. Like many Mentor/Mentee relationships my Great Uncle Abba had a falling out with Keynes and pursued his own ideas.

Because Abba was successful and brilliant in his own right, they became bitter enemies and Keynes and his accolytes slandered Abba by calling him a COMMUNIST because he was a champion of the people. They were vicious in their attempts at discrediting him. But his ideas were stronger than their hatred of him and these ideas lived on to become part of the math that is currently used in the financial system. During the Reagan administration Abba’s system came very close to being adopted as the US financial policy. Unfortunately we got the Frankenstein system that exists today instead.

If you want to understand Abba’s actual ideas you can just read his book, “Flation”. It is very short and easy to understand. I personally don’t agree with all of his ideas because I don’t believe that we can ever achieve 100% employment – but I think his goal of achieving this was highly altruistic and humanitarian. He believed in giving all people the dignity of financial self-sufficiency. He would not have cared about race or gender in this equation. If Bitcoin had been around when he was alive he would have supported Bitcoin Adoption without these control mechanisms.

The entire reason I started making public crypto predictions was to help warn people and prepare a path for them to have FREEDOM over their own lives, and enough RESOURCES to do what they choose, when they choose and where they choose with their own lives. I just could not sit by and watch people become suckered and lied to by our public manipulation machine when I knew I had info that could help them to succeed wildly over these next years.

This is my mission and if you have someone you want to help prepare for the INCREASED craziness we are going to experience then please offer them my information. I offer a generous affiliate program and you can find the link to join HERE – it’s also at the very bottom of every page on this site. It’s a WIN – WIN – WIN; you win, they win and we all win because we have a stronger community of prepared people. This will be very important in the coming months.

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  1. genie

    I have like $40 worth of crypto on Coinbase. Is that going to be a big deal? Also, I don’t want to sound annoying and ask for a coin review but was wondering if you have a quick take on Nexus (NXS), as to me it’s always been one of the best coins but the market right now doesn’t think so. Thanks Masta!!

    1. Aura

      Lol, I’d take everything off of Coinbase if I were you. But that’s so small I doubt it will cause a tax issue, at least not this year. I do get a good feeling for NXS, but it’s dangerous because I’m not sure they will survive the real big market crashes.

      1. genie

        Thanks, I will be resubscribing as soon as I can make more money. Be back in the dojo.

  2. genie

    In Las Vegas they have Bitcoin ATM’s via ‘Hilt’ at all of the ‘Terrible’s’ convenience stores/gas, but you have to scan the qr code to your wallet to receive; which I do not know how to do. While I was trying to do so, the cashier asked me about Bitcoin and I told her to do some research on it, then walked out. I then realized I should help her more, went back in to advise her to consider BCH, and recommended her to do some research about it. Felt quite great to help, honestly.

  3. Marion

    Hello Aura
    Am posting here because the CONTACT link on your site would not allow me to send this important info..

    This is the most important story right now in Canadian history. No-one has ever successfully filed criminal charges against a sitting Prime Minister! Talk about people waking up from a deep sleep….here we go. Everyone please look at the site. All documentation and proof.

    1. Aura

      There are a LOT of bills in the works right now regarding crypto. They will not be making it illegal because this is the system they are PLANNING to move us over to. However there will be a TON of new regulations and control mechanisms being put into place this fall and beyond so this is why we need to get off of their radar as fast as possible.

      1. MB

        Thanks for responding so quickly, Aura. Your input makes me feel much better, although of course I’m not thrilled about the new regulations and control mechanisms part.

    2. Aura

      This is an amazing story – thanks for posting and for letting me know the contact form isn’t working.

  4. Hina Mehta

    He sounds like a man with a foresight and we’re glad you listened to him. This market though is sure hard to sell off, stocks and crypto, Bitcoin appears to be consolidating around $9k and as for stocks…the manipulation is unbelievable. I am hoping for a sell off for accumulation. I wonder what event will cause a big sell off. So much bad news on the economy coming out and stocks have recovered more than 50% of the loss and historically this is very bullish, not bearish. I don’t see it as making lower high as you had indicated, I see it as an incredible recovery amidst Covid situation. Hard to believe and confusing, your confidence on the upcoming decline is very intriguing.

    1. Aura

      I see it doing both – going down and then going up to massive all time highs. We have another couple of huge world events about to happen which will cause all kinds of havoc again. I really feel strongly that we as the human population are basically under attack.

  5. Anita

    wild about Uncle Abba! Lots happening as the unreal destructures on the world stage. Hard to know what to do…with gold/silver too as that can be crashed down as well…

    1. Aura

      But not for long on PM’s. It may get one more smash down in July before it starts to make big moves up.

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