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Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - Why the Traders (and everyone else) Have it All WRONG

Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Why the Traders (and everyone else) Have it All WRONG

bitcoin cash (BCH) vs bitcion (BTC)

This original article first appeared on YOURS.ORG in April of 2018. There is valuable trading info behind the paywall of the original article, click the link  to access it.–btc–vs-bitcoin-cash–bch—-why-the-traders–and-everyone-e-1079d2553f4a

When BCH came out I was completely certain that this was the game changer in all of crypto and that’s why I traded into it back in August/September 2017. It then went on to become the BEST PERFORMING CRYPTO in the whole market in 2017.Let me start off by saying I have a bias in writing this article. I am pro Bitcoin Cash, not really because I am supportive of one tech team over another (I really couldn’t give a damn about the tech as I am decidedly NOT a techie). I support BCH because I believe in freedom, in people and human rights and because I support free trade, intelligence and open dialogue and discourse.

Hence I am posting on Hence if you want to read my hidden content you will have to do so in Bitcoin Cash and you will have to figure out how to transact in Bitcoin Cash. I believe that in this way I am doing you a HUGE FAVOR if you do not already have Bitcoin Cash. Hopefully you will be motivated enough to read my hidden content that you WILL ACTUALLY GET INTO THIS LIFE-CHANGING GAME. I don’t actually need the small fee in BCH that this article charges, but I do need a tribe filled with awake, conscious humans who are taking control of their own lives and finances and who are willing and able to build a better tomorrow for all of us. A huge step towards building that tomorrow comes in the form of owning crypto – and especially Bitcoin Cash.


**The fastest way to get Bitcoin Cash is to go to and download their wallet. Then you can just buy it with a credit/debit card. No hassles or slowdowns or control factors that come along with dealing with your bank or Coinbase. So, first of all I need to point out that I am not a trader, nor am I techie or even one of the first into Crypto (I got in in 2016 but that’s another story). What I am is an Astrologer and Clairvoyant who has been incredibly accurate for years on many subjects. If you need some evidence of that then just go to YouTube and look up SleepWoke and you will find some of my videos, including the one below from AUGUST 2017 where I predicted BCH will overtake Bitcoin. Believe me, when I posted that you could almost get lynched for saying ANYTHING positive about BCH. And I was just about the only one who didn’t care and said it anyway. So, what I really am is someone who will say it like it is. I don’t care about the haters, they will burn in their own discontent and that is punishment enough.Bitcoin Cash YouTube Video by AstrologyChick (SleepWoke):, OK here is why they have it all wrong about BCH and Bitcoin:

1) Traders consistently make the mistake of measuring everything against the US dollar.

This is a mistake because the benchmark for the entire crypto ecosystem is against BITCOIN. Bitcoin was a revolution wrapped in lines of code. The code that is Bitcoin and Blockchain (the technology spawned by Bitcoin) is changing our lives, and it has really only just very, very, very barely begun. Bitcoin is not just a coin, it is an entire set of industries. The industries that Bitcoin has spawned are: CryptoTechnology, CryptoCURRENCY, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Settlement Code and probably some others that I can’t think of at the moment. If you subscribe to my YouTube at SleepWoke then you will be notified when I post up the ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS of BITCOIN and all of these OTHER INDUSTRIES that it has spawned. So, when they measure this new disruption called Bitcoin against dollars it is like racing the worlds fastest Quarter Horse against a wheezing old half-dead donkey. Donkey’s have their place in the world, but I’m not backing one in any race.The appropriate measurement in crypto value is against Bitcoin – but how do we know what it is worth in fiat terms? Well, we DO still get to look at that form of valuation. But it is not the benchmark. But this brings me to point #2

2) As Roger Ver famously said; Bitcoin Cash IS Bitcoin.

Here’s the link: In that article he explains what has happened to Bitcoin Legacy, how it has been hijacked and crippled and why the original vision that the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, wrote about in the original Bitcoin White Paper: is now more closely aligned with BITCOIN CASH.

3) Math.

Like I said I am not a techie, but I’m pretty good at math. I learned Astrology when I was about 8 or 9. At that time I learned the Trigonometry needed to calculate a chart by hand. I had no idea it was supposed to be difficult. I just did it. Correctly. I also took 10 units of Statistics in college over one quarter and aced it. So, there’s that. My brother on the other hand is an actual, verified math genius, and he will back me up on what I am saying here.If Crypto should be measured in Bitcoin and if Bitcoin Cash really IS Bitcoin then all crypto should be measured in terms of Bitcoin Cash value – as is done at CoinEx: (yes that is a referral link and yes I get a commission if you join. Please do). I love CoinEx, not just because they measure the markets accurately with BCH but also because there is no ID verification process so therefore no taxman to deal with. You see, these are people who truly understand math 🙂Also, since at this time Bitcoin is worth more than Bitcoin Cash = all crypto is having a fire sale. Especially Bitcoin Cash. In real world value Bitcoin Cash > Bitcoin (mainly because it is actually usable by all people on Earth who need a coin to behave like money). In current dollar value Bitcoin Cash < Bitcoin. Thus it is a bargain. The ONLY reason that BCH is worth less than BTC right now is because of TIME. This is the variable which will change the relationship between these two chain forks. Remember, this IS a fork. They are the SAME coin. It’s just a two sided coin.

4) Derivatives contracts and Tethers.

Traders think derivatives impact the price of Bitcoin. I don’t. Sure it could wobble the price a tiny bit for a minute or two, but I don’t have the patience to bother with that level of minute insignificance. If derivatives have any impact at all it is merely because it is a FALSE NARRATIVE that is then blasted out around all the media outlets. And media propaganda DOES have an impact on people’s opinions and decisions. That is a sad but true fact.It is not the derivatives that effect prices, it is the fools who believe the lies they are being fed. Fortunately those are what we call ‘weak hands’ and the mass majority of them have sold off by now. Whew. Anyone who is that easily led or lied to has no business being a captain of industry in the crypto future. They need to get shaken out. Tethers on the other hand are DIRECTLY being used to manipulate the price of BTC. It is like clockwork and rather predictable at this time — as soon as BCH breaks out in the ratio pair against BTC then mass numbers of Tethers are magically manufactured and used to pump up the price of BTC against Fiat. The part of this plan that is starting to break down and backfire however is what happens after BTC goes for a rocket move upwards. It is also equally predictable and consistent that the fake ‘Tether’ money that just pumped the price of BTC upwards then soon leaks OUT of BTC and into the crypto market. More so into BCH than anywhere else.Why? Because the smartest and richest crypto holders already know all of what I am explaining to you in this article. Many of them are orchestrating it. This is also why BTC went from $4,000 in the fall of 2017 to $20,000 in December. It was Tether being used to keep the ratio of BCH against BTC as low as possible. If Tether had NOT been used then we may well have already had the flippening that many of us know are coming (you know, where BCH becomes worth more than BTC).

5. Bitfinex, Tether and the FTC

You know how they say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer – well this is why I always check my crypto prices on TradingView at the Bitfinex exchange. Bitfinex is the de facto home of Tether. Tether is a false entity owned by the same person who owns Bitfinex. Bitfinex is operating on very shaky ground because they have no actual Banking establishment behind them. This whole scenario is a big powder keg. When there is a powder keg around, I like to keep an eye on it – and also to keep my distance. It would take an act of congress to force me to EVER trade a single dime on Bitfinex (they won’t allow US citizens to do so anyway). However, I do always want to know what is going on over there. For good or bad, they are the ones who set the industry price standard of Bitcoin through their manipulations of Tether. I plan to dig into this a lot more from the Astrological perspective and maybe get a look at when it will actually blow. For now though, I am pretty sure it is serving a purpose and is kept alive for that reason.


It started last fall and will end just as we enter 2020 with a clear vision of the future. This war is NECESSARY to shake down the whole crypto space and set it up with the strong foundation it needs for our future. Meanwhile however, a good percentage – probably upwards of 50% of all ICO companies and other crypto entities are now owned and controlled by BANKSTERS. A whole lot of shaking and quaking is going to go on over the next 18 months or so, so just be ready for it. It is ultimately a GOOD thing. In the end it will FREE HUMANITY. But still, there’s the next 18+ months we need to get through. So don’t panic. Just breathe. And meditate, meditation is good.


The real value of crypto should be measured between the BCH/BTC pair and not against FIAT. Sure we can check against Fiat, but the only way to see the REAL STORY is through the ratio between the two sides of Bitcoin.


So when BCH came out, I traded furiously back and forth with a small percentage of my BTC and increased that position by 15x. I was pretty happy with myself, after all I don’t know anything about trading, Elliot waves or extension levels. I do know about Fractals, but that is just because I grew up in a Hippie household (my real name actually IS Aura.) I also know all about Tye Dyes, but I don’t really like them so you will never see me wearing one. Plus it is beside the point. Anyway, by hippie logic, nothing the traders did or said had any impact on my decisions. Mainly because I watched most of them be wrong most of the time. There are a few good ones, but ALL traders make the same mistake that I don’t make – they only see the trees and completely miss the forest. On the other hand, I may miss a tree or ten, but I always see the forest. Actually I have no patience for tree counting… Behind the paywall you will get VALUABLE CONTENT. I have very specific numbers in the BCH/BTC ratio pair that I was shown in meditation when BCH first came out and which has already started to play out. THESE ARE THE NUMBERS that I am trading. Here’s that link again to the original article:–btc–vs-bitcoin-cash–bch—-why-the-traders–and-everyone-e-1079d2553f4a ***Please remember that nothing I say can be considered trading advice. YOU sit behind your computer, YOU push the buttons, nobody makes your decisions but YOU. Do Your Own Research.

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